Guidance to Be(come) The Master Of Your Life

No matter our background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system, we all question ourselves at times. You may find yourself in a dark place, or you feel stuck in just one of the areas of your life; finding the answers to your questions can be quite challenging.

Life is an ongoing process, change inevitable
and the perfect way does not exist.

We are all imperfect, never done learning and growing. We all need a listening ear every now and then. Confirmation you’re not crazy, support and encouragement. Someone who can guide you in managing your problems more effectively, and to develop a plan, yourself; to Be(come) The Master of Your Life.

We are not growing, unless we are changing.

Since everyone is unique, therefore your question is too. One conversation could be sufficient to get you back on route again. Connecting at a regular base could be required to discover the root cause of what’s holding you back from moving forward.


Schedule a meeting if above resonates, you’re ready to take back control and

After you’ve chosen an available slot for an online meeting via Zoom or Skype, you will receive a confirmation email.
During the scheduled conversation, share everything YOU feel I need to know about you. Via various questions I will guide you to find clarification yourself.

In case we discover an additional conversation is required and we both agree I am the right listening ear for you, I will send you an email; including a summary of our first connection and an agreement form.

Your trust in me and thus confidentiality is sacred to me.

As soon as YOU decide you’re ready to commit, take back control, return the signed agreement and we will take it from there…

Step by step, as many steps as needed to Be The Master Of Your Life.

Looking forward to connect!

Patty Wolters
Multi-disciplinary Online Guidance

Since connections with me are pro bono, available slots are limited.

Building stones I lean on to provide multi-disciplinary guidance:

Existential Well-Being, Counseling practitioner, Coaching (Life Coaching, REBT Mindset, Health and Nutrition).