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The dark months have arrived

Here, in Western Europe, the dark months have arrived. My relationship with winter is what you would call a hate-love affair. On sunny days you might find me creating a snowman. Walking in the dark

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Are you ready to connect? Week 1

Upcoming 7 weeks I will publish weekly a post regarding the topic connection. In the hope to inspire you to reflect on your connections. With yourself, with your beloved ones, with our planet. The last post will be

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Are you ready to connect?

No matter our background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system…we are all human beings. We all seek connection for various reasons. Our main and natural purpose of connecting is to survive. In order to

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When Souls Connect

Learn to increase your Awareness Intelligence is the empowering new concept of Mathias Sager. As my regular readers know, I truly believe When Souls Connect meaningful connections can be built. In addition, great collaborations are possible. I am very excited to support Mathias, as of August 1, 2019, bringing you onsite and e-learning options to explore Awareness Intelligence via the 80% is Psychology workshops and courses.