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As a young girl I was told to not carry the problems of the world on my small shoulders. Being a Mimosa Pudica I often did anyway. Through the years, life threw bumpy rocks at my path, but that feeling of wanting to help my neighbors in need never diminished, and thus always on the back of my mind.

In all the jobs I had in the past, assisting people, supporting them and later on being a therapist for animals, a part of my own need I could fulfill. I re-organized my website to reach out to Beautiful Souls, connect with them and create articles/art together.
In addition, by becoming a multi-disciplinary guidance practitioner, I aim to guide neighbors to create the lifestyle of their dreams themselves.

The internet, especially social media, has become a large part of our world. We can approach it as a distracting factor, even distance ourselves from it, or we can embrace it. It can be a way to learn from each other’s differences, a wonderful way to make real connections, friendships for life. A part of our modern society, where we should also treat each other with the respect each unique individual deserves.

Our world is in trouble. Instead of focusing on, for instance, the minority, who most of us believe have all the power, I feel we should refocus. If we don’t speak up, don’t vote, keep buying unhealthy and too expensive products, change will not happen.

In addition, I believe there is a much larger group who actually is controlling the well-being of our planet and all upon it. That group consists of people like you and me, so we all should start realizing we belong to this group and we need to start taking responsibility for our own actions and what we can contribute to our planet and all living creatures upon it.

However, we also should remain realistic. There will always be people who choose to be ignorant, a racist, to discriminate, want to feel superior.  Some people refuse, are unable to change. As I always say: “Your truth doesn’t have to be mine, and vice versa.” There are various ways to contribute to OUR world. It’s all about choices and finding the right balance.

For me personally, it starts with being an example first. Live your life in a way people are inspired, believe it is possible to do better, create a better place for us all.

… Choose your your Lifestyle and thrive.

… Acknowledge all Beautiful Souls out there.

… Reach out and connect with Beautiful Souls.

… Embrace all of you (positive and negative) and Boost Your Soul.


Be YOU: the Beautiful Soul I believe you are. Together we can make sure OUR world thrives again, provide a future it deserves.

Updated June 2020 ©PW

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