by Patty Wolters

My mission is to inspire to Connect.

To Life, To Others, To Yourself.


As long as I can remember, I’ve been philosophizing about the why humans do what they do. I believe Connection, besides surviving, is our most important goal. To Life, to Others, to Yourself.

We are able to build meaningful connections...

Our natural instincts in combination with our consciousness are key to our ability to thrive in modern society. Our main purpose in life is survival: acquiring our basic needs, based on our core value in combination with our individual main values, will lead to a meaningful life…

The perfect way does not exist and difference is human beings’ strength. At the same time, relying on our unified core value – integrity – will lead to acceptance and thus harmony. We know we know: human being human…

Connect to Life, to Others, to Yourself

Let us stop trying to convince one and another there is only one way to live.
Instead, let us empower each other to find and live the lifestyle suitable to our uniqueness.
Acknowledging and embracing our differences, using them as strength to build meaningful connections.


Over a decade, I write and create, developing my virtual home into what it is today.
Connecting on a global scale, aiming to inspire readers to Connect.
To Life, to Others, to Yourself.

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Imagine – Soul Music

Besides being a wonderful tool to Connect people, music is also a matter of taste. This week the choice of Soul Music is therefore not from the original composer and singer. The lyrics still the same and the message still as important.

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battle black blur board game

Who died and made you king?

We all do it. Kings, queens, politicians, business owners, journalists, the baker, you, me. As a storytelling breed we create new stories on a daily base. Some stories inherited from ancient tales, others found in modern research and whatever the source, we like to form opinions based upon those stories.

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Weak Fantasy – Soul Music

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted here @ my virtual world. Do you recognize that feeling of knowing you flunked your exam, and still in sort of a shock when you get the results back confirming that feeling? Well, I was in a similar shock after watching The Social Dilemma.

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Logo Visit Other Beautiful Souls

Visit Other Beautiful Souls – October 2020

Last month, I started my way of thanking followers of my virtual home again. To acknowledge them in return is by creating posts to introduce these Beautiful Souls to my readers. A shout out to encourage you to Visit Other Beautiful Souls.

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Profiel black Patty Wolters

About Patty

I am a compassionate researcher, philosopher, blogger, skilled helper. Passionately connecting (off- and online) with people on a global scale, for the purpose to exchange knowledge, experiences and perspectives.

My personal building stones are the wisdom of our ancestors and of nature. In addition, the knowledge and technology of the 21st century.

Over a decade, I write and create, developing my virtual home into what it is today. 

My mission is to inspire to Connect. To Life, to Others, to Yourself.

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