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Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town – Soul Music

The last month of 2022 has started! In a few weeks the holidays are behind us and the new year will have begun. While some of you might already be stressed and sick of Christmas songs… I love them! One of my favorites in today’s post…

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Butterfly November 2022

Doomed or not, let’s at least do our best…

Living in our forever home, still boxes unpacked and not everything in place, my attention is these days mainly focused on the garden. Winter is coming and we need to prepare our plot, to make sure the trees, bushes and plants we would like to keep, survive the cold temperatures. Unfortunately, survival is no longer a given to us all. Yet, doomed or not, let’s at least do our best…

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Kruiwagen 2022

My new best friend – Daily Connection

Best friends don’t always have to be living creatures. After moving in our forever home, I have a new best friend (besides the dog). Does anyone now when acorns stop falling out of the trees? Do you have a favorite work-tool? Connect and let me know!

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brown bare tree

Silence before the storm

It is a Dutch expression “Silence before the storm”. In 5.5 weeks we will get the key of our, hopefully, forever home and that feeling of silence before the shit hits the fan, is due to that. Although, not entirely…

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It’s my life – Soul Music

With this song, I celebrate my 50th birthday ; -) Love you all, but today is for my hubby, our two furry friends and me. Tomorrow, I am all yours again… It´s my life!

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 

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