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There are many forms of Love

February 14, Valentines day, a day to pay extra attention to loved ones. While historically, this day has nothing to do with what it means nowadays, driven by commerce February is often referred to as the month of Love…

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I have the right to obtain legal help

Anyone who is at least a bit interested what happens on our planet and to our neighbors, will be aware it is not always a given. There are opinions about corrupt legal systems, corrupt officers of the law, etc. I don’t want to go there in this post. When one does not violate the rights of another one on purpose, we wouldn’t even need systems, laws and the Universal Rights. 

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What is life – Soul Music

Every now and then, there is an artist born who seems to have an old soul inside. To me, Angelina Jordan is such person. The reason, I chose this song for a new Soul Music post…

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My current three favorite Soul Music songs

Our year end holiday is around the corner and listening to music is one of the things I will be doing during the those days of extra free time. This will be my last post in 2021 and I thought it would be fun to share my current three favorite Soul Music songs…

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The most viewed Skilled Helpers post

This year, 2021, I had the honor to Connect with peers and bring you meaningful content created by those amazing Skilled Helpers. Let’s find out which collaborative you viewed the most…

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Let’s Get Practical – Stress

A category I’m going to bring back in 2022 is ‘Let’s Get Practical’. Sharing practical tips, inviting you to share yours. Connecting together, helping each other to thrive. A re-post today, as an example…

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Why do you celebrate Xmas ?

The holidays around the corner, many people around our world are preparing for various festivities. Based upon religion or other tradition and I asked myself again; Why do you celebrate Xmas?

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 

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