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Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica is a creeping annual or perennial herb, also called sleepy plant, Dormilones or shy plant. This herb proves that plants, besides being alive, can react very quickly although they don’t have a nervous system. Proverbial this herb is also called sensitive plant or touch-me-not and therefore in Dutch (language of The Netherlands) the link has been made to a quick-tempered, touchy person. A ‘Kruidje-roer-me-niet’.

During my childhood, I was called ‘Kruidje-roer-me-niet’ (Mimosa Pudica) a lot because of my intensity when I believed something unjust or dishonest had happened in the world around me. During my youth (teenager) people also referred to my behavior. Slamming doors, exploding for no reason and swearing. Obviously, because I thought my parents, teachers, and others were unjust and very mean ; -)

Nowadays I still have a huge antipathy against hypocrisy (although sometimes I find myself also being guilty of this) and can still explode, if something very unjust happens in my opinion.

My personal beliefs

I strongly believe we are part of nature, and that the development of our consciousness does not place us above any other living organism. Our main goal in life is to survive, to evolve and to connect. In what manner we do this, depends on our uniqueness as individuals. Our personal beliefs will influence our way of life and the choices we make.

I do not believe we evolved out of apes, neither that we are created by (a) God. A cell is the building block of which all organisms are built. The cell is the smallest unit of life. There are organisms who live as a one-cell creature. Therefore I believe, as human beings, we did evolve alongside all other creatures (animals, plants, bacteria) but where for instance the apes stopped evolving at a certain level, we evolved further and started to develop our ability to think.

We humans are the only species on earth, who know that it knows (phrase Mr. Leen Mees) and we should, in my opinion, respect this fact with utmost care. As mentioned, human being’s conscious does not make our species superior. At the same time we don’t have to feel inferior either. We have a right to exist, and fight for this existence, as much as any other living creature on this beautiful planet.

Our right to fight for our existence as a species is possible without causing irreversible damage to each other and to the planet we live upon. However, denying suffering and decay is denying the circle of life. Despite our consciousness, we are animals; death is inevitable. That doesn’t mean we should take more as needed and thus always with the utmost respect for nature, since we are part of it.

Never done learning

Existing on this planet myself since 1972, I became aware, we are never done learning. Doing my best to stay open to new ideas myself; to keep balance between current society (with all the modern knowledge, techniques, possibilities) and the natural needs of myself as a unique human being, a woman, a spouse, a devoted friend for creatures of my choice, a multi-disciplinary guidance practitioner, a connecter, a blogger.

Through researching, studying, philosophizing, writing and globally connecting, I explore the WHY people do what they do. In addition, what lessons to take from our ancestors and how we can combine these with modern knowledge. Evidence based science is important in our exploration to find truth. A healthy dose of competition, acknowledging each other’s differences, being as integer as possible (perfection doesn’t exist) and thus live with the intention to do right, will lead to a meaningful existence.

Welcome @ my virtual home !

Born and raised in The Netherlands, however, considering myself a world citizen. Happily married, packleader of one dog. Over a decade, I write and create, developing my virtual home into what it is today. I believe connecting, besides surviving plus evolving, is our most important activity and goal. My mission, here @ my virtual home is inspiring you to:

Connect To Life, to Others, to Yourself.

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Patty Wolters

Page updated May 2023

I have had jobs as hostess, tour guide, class assistant, secretary, clinical study assistant, management assistant and animal therapist. Below you will find educational information, relevant to my current occupational roles and interests.

Relevant Educational Background

  • Social Pedagogy – 1997 – Walram College
  • Homeopathy for Animals – 2008 – CIVAS
  • Animal Care – 2009 – NHA
  • Natural Animal Health – 2010 – SORAG
  • Energetic Animal Healing – 2013 – CIVAS
  • Introduction to Nutrition, Food for Health (Human) – 2015 – University  Wageningen 
  • Existential Well-Being Counseling – 2017 – University Leuven
  • Leadership Skills – 2018 – by Mathias Sager, PhD.
  • Professional Life Coach – 2018 – Transformation Academy 
  • Goal to Succes Life Coach – 2018 – Transformation Academy
  • Life Purpose Coach – 2018 -Transformation Academy
  • Happiness Life Coach – 2018 – Transformation Academy
  • REBT Mindset Coach – 2018 -Transformation Academy
  • Master Coach – 2018 – Transformation Academy
  • Health and Nutrition Life Coach – 2018 – Transformation Academy
  • Depression Counseling Advanced – 2018 – by Elmira Strange, PhD.
  • Counseling Practitioner – 2019 – by Kain Ramsay
  • Depression Breakthrough – 2019 – by Kain Ramsay
  • Fundamentals of Skilled Helping – 2019 – by Gerard Egan & Kain Ramsay
  • Paleo Nutrition – 2019 – Student Learning Portal
  • Stress and Anxiety – Psychology – 2020 – by Elmira Strange, PhD.
  • Life Coach Practitioner – 2020 – by Kain Ramsay
  • Modern Applied Psychology – 2020 – by Kain Ramsay
  • Therapeutic Paleo Approach – 2020 by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. 
  • Justice – 2020 – Harvard
  • Develop personal respond-ability in times of climate change – 2021 by Rika Cossey, B.A., M.A.
  • Mental Health and Wellness (Practitioner course) – 2021 – by Kain Ramsay 
  • Currently studying online @ The Weekend University, Udemy and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism.
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