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We live in The Netherlands, in a house completely fenced-in, enabling us to withdraw from the world when we feel like it. It also means, our dogs can run free on our land safely. The location looks rural, the forests are about 2 minutes away, however, the city is accessible within 15 minutes. We can seek the noise whenever we want ; -)

Forever home 2022
Overview house plus plot 20200

Vision of Life

We bought this house, plus large piece of land, in 2022 and moved to it in August of the same year. Hopefully our forever home, where we’ll be able to transform to meet our wishes and hobbies. Per example; we would like to live a quality, sustainable life and (to us reasonable) self-sufficient. Combining ancient wisdom and modern technology, to live tiny in a big house 😉
Solar panels already on the roof and a pellet-stove to warm the house was also one of the reasons we bought this property. Meanwhile, we’ve decided to go a slightly different route and the pellet-stove we will replace for another sustainable, self-sufficient heating system. As soon as we figured it out exactly, I will update this page.
On the wish list, not a requirement and thus a wonderful surprise to find our forever home with a pool already there. The plan is to turn it into an ecological swimming pool.

Front house 2022
Pellet kachel


Gardening (bamboo, ornamental grasses, fruit trees and vegetables) is a hobby of mine, in addition to blogging. Will have to create a vegetable garden from scratch and will publish photos as soon as I have something to show.

Cooking is another hobby and I hope to start using homegrown vegetables and herbs soon again. Winter around the corner, it has to wait till next spring 😉
At 21st century, real natural food is still the best choice for us humans and regularly, I try all kind of new ‘things’. 

Vegetables for stock
Healthy omelet

Animal friends

Both my husband and I grew up with various furry friends. Over the years we had the privilege to enjoy the company of furry beautiful souls (Jourdy, Nikki and Joy) in our own care, which will always have a place in our hearts. For those who know me over fifteen years; yes, my two cats remain there too 😉

Three furry friends

March 2020, we adopted a tiny furry friend, Kenzo. Unfortunately, April 2023 we had to let him go. Another beautiful soul forever in our hearts.

kenzo june 2021 bank

October 2019 we welcomed a new furry friend into our life. Meet Danja 🙂

Danja one of our dogs

In future, we might add more dogs and also chickens to our family : -)

Blogging and Coaching

A short overview of my personal world. Since I love to blog, I regularly publish stories and photos regarding my personal life. As a blogger, I create all kinds of content, since I love to Connect globally and believe we can learn from each others perspectives and experiences.
In addition, as a Master (Life) Coach, I share also, here @ my virtual home, tips and tools, to inspire you to create and live YOUR dream life.

In case you are curious, love to Connect too, and/or would love such tips plus tools… Feel free to explore this website and don’t hesitate to leave a comment. For more personal connection, hop over to my contact page.

Let's Connect!

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  1. I regularly share updates at the website 😉
    What would you like to know? I will add it in next week’s update!

    1. Ok, noted hahaha
      I will soon create a post about The Netherlands versus Germany, differences, similarities…good idea too?

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