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We live in a so-called ‘closed yard “in Germany since the end of 2015, where we can withdraw – if needed – from the world behind a large gate 😉

House Germany since 2015
Terras Germany


At the farm we have access to a garden; on our courtyard we have a small vegetable garden plus a greenhouse.
Gardening (flowers and vegetables) are two hobbies of mine, in addition to writing.

Garden house Germany
Greenhouse on courtyard

Cooking is another hobby and I regular use our home-grown vegetables and herbs.
At 21st century, real natural food is still the best choice for us humans and regularly I try all kind of new ‘things’. 

Healthy omelet

Animal friends

Both my husband and I grew up with various furry friends. Sept 2019 we had to say goodbye to our last furry companion. For always in our hearts, resting in well deserved peace and joy. In future, we are convinced, other furry friends will enter our personal world again.

Three furry friends

After a weeks of grief, October 2019 we welcomed a new furry friend in to our life. Meet Danja 🙂
March 2020, unforeseen, we adopted a tiny furry friend and thus now our second dog: Kenzo 🙂

Danja one of our dogs

Page updated Sep 2020. ©Patty Wolters

7 Responses

  1. Your home is so beautiful! I love Joy! What a lovely dog. I’d love to hear more about your country. I’ve enjoyed the pictures you’ve posted. I’m happy we follow each other. All the best to you! Koko

    1. Hi dear Koko 🙂
      Thank you for the kind words.
      Technically, it isn’t my country 😉 Originally, I am from The Netherlands and due to my husbands work, we live in Germany for 4 years now.
      Happy about our connection too! Big hug, XxX

        1. I regularly share updates at the website 😉
          What would you like to know? I will add it in next week’s update!

          1. Anything! Traveling through someone else’s eyes for now. Haha…One day hopefully I will get to see things for myself. How is life there? Would you go back? Garden? How’s the country as a whole? What’s your favorite thing you do when living there? Foods? Haha…there’s so much! 🙂

          2. Ok, noted hahaha
            I will soon create a post about The Netherlands versus Germany, differences, similarities…good idea too?

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