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Circa 315.000 - Present

Homo sapiens

Human beings, as we are today, originate in Homo sapiens.
Still today, we are at root animals (Animalia),
mammals (Mammalia) and omnivores.

Basic needs

Historically - physical

To survive

Our main purpose in live is survival.
Without fire, water, food, clothing and
shelter human beings perishes.

Basic Skills

Evolving as species

Natural instincts

Our consciousnesses, enabled humans to make a fire and this
was the root of our evolving into the species we are today.
Developing skills, also called natural instincts,
ensured our safety and further development.

Core Value

Human being root value


Being human beings, our core value is integrity. 
This helps us distinguish between right and wrong.
We know we know.


Human Beings versus other species


Anno 21st Century, we are still the only species who
KNOW they know. (Consciousness, Awareness)


Nowadays - physical

Modern society

Our basic needs haven’t changed. Nowadays, sanitation, education,
healthcare, internet and money are, generally, also considered
as basic needs for survival.


Thriving human beings


Inherited natural wisdom plus gained scientific insights throughout
the centuries are the building stones to thrive and expand
knowledge, abilities and skills.

Main Values

Differs per human being

Unique individual

Related to integrity are values as trust, freedom, authenticity, love, knowledge, connection, honesty, compassion, leadership, etc.
Being unique individuals, depending on our current state of
mind and our environment, we prioritize our main values.


Our natural instincts in combination with our consciousness are key to our ability to thrive in modern society. Our main purpose in life is survival: acquiring our basic needs, based on our core value in combination with our individual main values, will lead to a meaningful life.

The classifications we as human beings started to ascribe to our species for the purpose of clarity has sadly also led to an increase in discrimination and senseless violence. Besides searching for meaning OF life individually; searching for human beings meaning TO life will contribute to a thriving habitat for our species in general.
The perfect way does not exist and difference is human beings’ strength. At the same time, relying on our unified core value – integrity – will lead to acceptance and thus harmony. We know we know: human being human.

Root Cause

Regardless if we want to thrive on an individual or collective level, exploring the root cause of existing emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors will uncover the answers of stagnation. However, finding the answers and solutions to existing issues can be quite a challenge. The right questions will lead to the root cause of insecurities, doubts or low self-esteem. The right tools will uncover unique main values, enabling to make choices with confidence. 


We are capable of surviving on our own. To thrive, however, connection with other living creatures is important. There are all kinds of connections possible, as also various tools to create connection. Language (sounds/words, body, energetic, spiritual), and equipment (phone, computer, hearing aid, etc.) are examples of the tools we nowadays have at our disposal. As humans being human, tapping into the universal binding factor of all: energy, plus leaning on our consciousness and core value integrity, we are able to build meaningful connections.