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No matter our background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system…we are all human beings. We all seek connection for various reasons. Our main and natural purpose of connecting is to survive. In order to gain food, shelter and other basic needs. However, when the basic needs are unavailable to us, regardless the cause, people are primarily driven by a “striving to find meaning in one’s life.” (Victor Frankl.)

Reach out to, Connect with, and acknowledge Beautiful Souls is nowadays easier than ever. Besides sharing a smile with your neighbor, being friendly to the lady behind the counter, care for other living creatures; treating each other with respect in our daily encounters, we also have various opportunities through social media.

Personally, I love to connect for the purpose of exchanging knowledge, experiences and perspectives. We can learn so much from each other. Explore my virtual home and Connect via the comment sections.


Do you have questions, like to exchange thoughts or want to provide feedback?
Feel free to send an email to contact @ pattywolters.com 

To me, collaboration means: creating articles or art together. I no longer share links on request since July 2020.

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Life can be harsh and we all struggle at times. Finding the lifestyle suitable to your uniqueness can be a challenge.
Check this page: Reflect to Connect and take advantage of the free option through which I help you find the answers to your questions yourself.

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