Be The Master Of Your Life

Be You. Who else can you be?!

Be You. Who else can you be?! As human beings, we possess a natural need to belong and therefore I believe, it is important to acknowledging each other. However, it is equally important to acknowledge yourself. Via a reflecting-tool I have people reflect themselves by asking questions regarding various areas of their life, but also by questions to help figure out, if a person is acknowledging him/herself enough.


Staying authentic isn’t always natural for us and one of the root causes is due to passed belief-systems. Society has a big influence too, and choosing your own values and beliefs, stand up for your own truth can be difficult. In addition, lots of our neighbors tend to believe it is egotistical to take good care of yourself, put your own needs before the needs of others.

Over the years, I learned it is one of the most important tasks to do, being kind towards myself and thus taking good care of myself. When I am not feeling well, mentally or physically, I can’t give my best to my neighbors-in-need. Not to anyone actually and also not to myself.

At the same time, I also believe it is not wrong at all to use another goal to improve your own well-being. Especially if you happen to be in a dark place and you can’t seem to find your way back to the light. Taking care of a pet, volunteer at a cause to help others, water the plants for your neighbors during their holiday are examples of activities that could help feel better about yourself.


We always have a choice how to deal with challenges, what we want to believe, who we invite in our lives, etc. A choice to empower ourselves and take back control:

You don’t like your past, or the old you?

The best revenge is to start taking care of yourself and
acknowledge the unique individual you are.

You don’t like yourself now?
You could start acknowledging yourself
by taking care of yourself anyway.

No shame

It is not a shame to ask for guidance and reach out to someone in case you feel overwhelmed, depressed, or totally lost. Talking to a stranger can be easier at times; a psychologist, counselor or guidance practitioner can help you back on your feet again.

Whether you are in a dark place, or in a joyful place, regardless your situation and environment, we are never done learning, improving and better ourselves. At the same time, no matter what,

Be You. Who else can you be?!

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