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Other Beautiful Posts ~ Becca, MakeItUltra, David, Mr Legend

As always, my personal Dreampack comes first, therefore not entirely up-to-speed yet with my weekly reading-list, but did read ‘Other Beautiful Posts’ again. Can’t share them all, but here are some of them 🙂

Are you Happy? By Becca of Roam Wild and Free:

“There once was a time in my life where every 20 minute increment of time was accounted for. I planned out my days to allow for work, school, dinner with my family and sometimes a few minutes of free time if I stayed on task throughout the day. You see I worked a 40 hour workweek while taking 18 (sometimes 21) credit hours maintaining a 3.8 GPA average. I was extremely driven. To do this, ” [READ MORE]

And this post by her, an important message, and I share her frustrations:

How to Poop in the Wilderness

“You gotta go. I mean really gotta go. You’re 10 miles in to a hike meaning your 10 miles away from the pit toilet at the trailhead and you’re definitely not going to make it.” [Read More]

I noticed Dr. Perry did hit the follow-button and curious as always, I visited his website. Haven’t had a chance to read articles, but the title MakeItUltra, Psychology to motivate, inspire, uplift… Always more to learn about this topic; definitely going to add it to my reading-list!

A dear friend, David of Chape Fitness, has again a ‘Giveaway’: a change to win 3 months of personal training. The winning package is a huge ‘Giveaway’ ! You can find all the information how to win this: HERE
Also happy to be able to inform you, for my ‘Boost Your Soul’ section, I am going to share, once a month, a list with articles of David. Exercise is another way to give your soul a boost 😉 Do you happen to be a trainer or provide other forms of exercise tips and would like to be added to the new monthly post ‘Boost Your Soul – Exercise’? Just let me know 😉

Mr. Legend (as I call him) of Ends and Beginnings posted an intriguing video. Another activity I am going to create time for, but you might want to watch it already:

Dr. Cornel West unplugged and wound up


Enjoy your weekend!

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