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Emotionsoflife & Mimosa Pudica ~ Respect


No matter background,

Religion or belief,

It should not be

Needed to Achieve


Freely it must be given,

The vicious circle,


Be broken.



Such violence

Must be considered

An illegal ambition.


Freely it must be given

First to yourself

Then pass it on

To your neighbors


Break the circle

No strings attached

It’s in your hand

Keep it fertile






EmotionsofLife & Mimosa Pudica

Despite our busy schedules, grateful we found time to co-create another poem again.
As always a pleasure to collaborate, dear Manuel ! 🙂

Inspire each other...

5 Responses

    1. I think we all share our beliefs constantly, dear Gary. Beliefs doesn’t necessarily have to be about religion. For me a way to figure out to which extent I would like a relationship/friendship/connecton to deepen. As long as we stay open minded and be aware we all have a right to our own belief-systems, there is nothing wrong with sharing beliefs… I believe 😉 As long as we share in a respectful way…because respect is something we should give freely and not something we should have to achieve.

      Already read at FB your back, safe, home and I was glad to read that. Thank you for visiting me here again. Big hugs! XxX

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