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Already into the 6th month of this year. (Update My Dreampack part 1)

Already into the 6th month of this year. During the past months I’ve been in and out of the blogging world. Trying to catch up with fellow bloggers, adjusting my website due to a template-crash, incorporating one website into this main website. By the way, still adjusting the layout and in case you’re reading or visiting my website on the phone or tablet… it could still look weird. 

Still working in between other activities to get everything working smoothly again. Meanwhile relieved, I didn’t loose any of my pages, posts and other materials. Anyways, I figured it was high time for another update of all the happenings in and around my Dreampack. At the same time a good way to test the new features I’ve implemented 😉

What we have been doing indoors...

The old fireplace started to smell very nasty and unfortunately no longer bearable, so we decided to replace it completely. Including re-painting the whole living room, giving our Buddha a new place. Love the new look, love my handy hubby even more 🙂

Celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary...

Which I almost forgot. Besides handy, my husband is also very thoughtful. I created a poem for him and his favorite meals. He took the day of from work 🙂

Tomorrow I will take you to on a tour of our outdoor activities. The garden is flourishing, the vegetables growing steadily and I will also share pictures of some walks in our surroundings.

What have you been up too? Did you start realizing your plans for this year?
Tell me… you know I love to connect! 

Inspire each other...

6 Responses

  1. Nice fireplace! Looking good inside! We are pretty busy outside, trying to get to grow something edible in our garden… and in between at the moment there is no much energy left for blogging. Reading (like now) sometimes… XX

    1. Yes, same over here, dear Anushka. Tea and lunch breaks I usually use to catch up on reading 🙂

  2. Indoor looks also great and Congratulations! 15 year, wauw :-). I’m absolutely busy with realyzing my plans…tell you all about it later oké 🙂 xx

  3. Happy Anniversary Patty! I love your Buddha <3 I took all of May off from all of my passions. Now, I’m getting back to everything slowly.

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