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One of my favorite questions

No matter our background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system, we all question ourselves at times. Finding the answers corresponding to our unique personality, figuring out what lifestyle fits best and fully embrace ourselves can be quite a challenge. Life is an ongoing process, change inevitable and the perfect way does not exist. However, the right questions will lead to the root cause of insecurities, doubts or low self-esteem. The right tools will uncover unique core values, enabling to make choices with confidence.


As human beings, one of our skills is curiosity. This natural instinct led us to start exploring the environment we once lived in and created the opportunity to meet other living creatures. Today, we are still influenced by our environment: by our parents, teachers, friends, neighbors and also by the habitat we live in. The weather conditions, the presence or lack of trees, plants, animals, an urban surrounding or the dessert. All will influence our perceptions, our beliefs.

These influences may not always be positive and can lead to being unbalanced and decrease your overall health. Curiosity can help us not only with basic survival. It can also help us to seek understanding for the cause(s) responsible for our developed stress, depression, disease, etc. Exploring the WHY we are not thriving as we would like to and thus self-reflect is crucial to live a harmonious life.

One of my favorite questions

In the corporate world, one of the methods to solve a problem is root cause analysis. As it were, dissect the issue and viewing it from all kinds of different angles. Questioning and analyzing the cause in such a way the root of the emerged problem will be revealed and can be fixed.

You, being human, could use the same method. Diving into all areas of your life, reflect upon them and thus question the reason behind an unbalance. There are several questions you could ask to help you find more clarity. To seek understanding behind the WHY. 

Use your natural instinct, curiosity, seeking to understand the reason behind your low self esteem, being overweight, financial struggle, meaningless relationship, etc. Question the perceptions, beliefs and thus  influences of others and your environment. To analyze if they are in line with your own uniqueness. Not courageous, too fat, in depth financially forever, unsolvable relationships, etc…

One of my favorite questions, which enables you to Connect to Yourself

How do you know it is true?

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9 Responses

  1. Excellent article, Patty, and an important question that’s not terribly easy to answer … but fundamentally important. You’ve piqued my interest, stimulated my mind (again), and challenged me. I’ll be mulling this over, doubtless, for the remainder of the day, at least!

    1. Thank you, Jonathan 🙂 As you know, don’t hesitate to connect, if you would like to exchange thoughts about the answers you’ll find. XxX

  2. Great article. What I find for me is always that doubt is coming from outside and the answers from inside. External “noise“ becomes quite irrelevant if I can sit with myself in silence (you also mention to “dive in”). Not easy, but need to bring it always back to this inside job, regardless of current country, environment, company, etc..
    All the best!

  3. I always (try to) ask myself: Is it true? and de second question: Is it helping me… it helped me several times 🙂

    1. Yes! What is the evidence and does it serve you… It’s no surprise to me, you ask yourself these questions, dear Helena 😉 Thank you for connecting again, XxX

  4. Wow, this question is one step (or maybe a thousand steps) deeper than the one I once was told and which I use frequently: Is it true? And how can I best find out? I like this… not easy, but surely revealing a lot more! Thank you for sharing! XX

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