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Currently, I’m creating and publishing posts regarding Connection and a good way to connect can be social media. So many Beautiful Souls publishing amazing creations and helpful resources. It has been a while since my last Other Beautiful Posts. Hereby, a few personal selections I believe worthwhile a visit. Click on the link, read the article, explore and connect 😉

Katie Caiger

It is not the first time I highlight Katie Caiger, her work and her website. This wonderful sparkling woman is truly inspirational: based on her own (unfortunate) experiences plus knowledge as a Life Coach she offers valuable guidance. This is the link to her website: and here you can connect via Facebook: Katie Caiger Facebook

Kilian Markert

This -to me- young man is wise beyond his years. Regularly, I watch his Facebook Lives and articles to get my portion of motivation and profound reminders of the importance of implementing structure via good habits. Although Kilian focus is on Online Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Freelancers, his tips and tools are worthwhile to read regardless your daily activities. Connect on Facebook here: Kilian Markert Facebook or visit his website here:

Knowledge For Men

Recently, Charles Rojas of Knowledge For Men reached out to me, to ask if I was willing to add a link to the Knowledge For Men website. Before I agree, I always explore the website and read a few articles. Do I believe the content is valuable and thus worthwhile a visit, I add the link to my Publications and Resources Page


Writing about the importance of connection made me also realize, I too could step up again with regard to my own connections. Of course, it is not doable to connect on a daily base, or even weekly, with all your neighbors. However, I try to visit the connections I did make until now, as much as is possible between my other activities. On one of these occasions, I came across an important reminder published by da-AL. Absolutely a must to read: A plea and a solution for food sellers. Make the time to also visit this creative and kind Beautiful Souls´ website: Happiness Between Tails

Justin Riste

So many Beautiful Souls on our big world, as also in the virtual one. Today, I would like to end this post with the acknowledgement of a warm spirited man. Justin is a Life Coach, who recently has published an e-book: A letter from Papa. In his own words: 

“This book is my effort to share with young people lessons and knowledge that I wish I would have had access while growing up. Just some real life principles to use as a guide. I feel deeply this book offers building blocks for their future and will help them examine and control their habits and beliefs. It can steer them to live the life they want, accept responsibility for their actions and find their best path to becoming mature. In short, allowing their inner wisdom to guide them. Are you ready to start the journey on a path of self discovery, personal acceptance and actualization?´´

I added it to my reading list, knowing Justin personally, convinced it is worthwhile to read. Or to buy it for one of your neighbors. Visit the website of Justin here: R&R LIFE COACHING or connect with him via Facebook here: Justin Riste Facebook

Other Beautiful Posts

Acknowledgement is more important than you might think. However, it is not about giving or receiving approval of who you are. It’s not about being right or wrong. We have the choice to gather Beautiful Souls, who share similar beliefs, values, etc., and possess the willingness to live in peace. A choice to invite them in our personal worlds(s). A choice to acknowledge and thus appreciate the wonderful work of your neighbors, the beautiful creations they make.  

So hop over to the creations of your neighbors I mentioned above. Maybe the topics do not resonate with you, in that case, at least think of your current connections. When was the last time you reached out and connect ?

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Ps: Anything worthwhile you found in our virtual world…don´t hesitate to share it in the comments below!

Inspire each other...

7 Responses

  1. What an awesome idea, Patty! Really I believe this is something I should do as well, as it certainly is not only beneficial to other fellow writers/creators/bloggers, but also simply kind and gracious and loving, Perhaps I can set aside a page on my blog where I link to the work-sites of other talented individuals… We shall see! 🙂

  2. Your dedication to connection is inspiring Patty, and kudos for your work encouraging others on the path. Your ability and willingness to offer acknowledgment to others is a true gift of spreading love and makes this world a better place indeed. I’m grateful to you! And I love these posts where you share others – it’s always a delight to discover new folks and have the opportunity to peek at the world through their perspectives.

    1. Knowing that you’re a busy lady, taking the time to visit me here and leave such a motivational reply; highly appreciated dear Deborah. Warmest regards, Patty

  3. Hi Patty – many thanks for including me on your list! btw, I am able to comment here with no prob via my desktop iMac — but can’t comment via my iPad…

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