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Connection to Freedom

Currently, many feel their Freedom is being compromised. Freedom is one of my main values and I decided to dive a bit deeper into it. To reflect again, how I’m connected to Freedom; what this word really means to me.

Dictionary, values and rights

In a dictionary, I read that Freedom stands for the condition of being free, the power to act, speak or think without externally imposed restraints and for immunity from an obligation or duty.

As human beings, we developed a conscious; we are the only species on this earth who know they know. I believe, we are not only all born with this consciousness, but also with a core value Integrity. Growing up, we will be taught other values and at some point in our life, we decide which main values are most important to us on an individual level.

In the past having researched our Universal Rights, I know we also have various rights to Freedom. Per example, Freedom of Opinion and Information, Freedom from Discrimination and Freedom from Slavery.

Is Freedom always a right?

With all this in mind, I believe Freedom is meaningless when we not use our conscious and rely on our core value Integrity. I also believe, we always have a choice in how we connect to life, to others and to ourselves. At the same time, living in our world, even this wasn’t a free choice, we are part of a big community. Therefore, Freedom can’t be, in my opinion, always without obligation or duty.

Nobody likes to be told what to do, how to behave and I’m not an exception. Rules, regulations, laws, however, are created to prevent chaos or to decrease arisen chaos. Therefore, I will never consciously break a law and even if I don’t understand all the decisions made, I do understand why my Freedom is being compromised lately. It’s not only for my safety, it’s also for that of my neighbours.

Connection to Freedom

I still believe we have the right to act, speak or think without externally imposed restraints. As long as there is no harmful intend behind it, when we do so. That is how, to me, Integrity and Freedom are connected; using our core value, we can act, speak and think freely. Peacefully 😉

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