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Visit Other Beautiful Souls Revived : – )

My way of thanking followers of my virtual home, and to acknowledge them in return is by creating posts to introduce these Beautiful Souls to my readers. In other words: Visit Other Beautiful Souls Revived 😉


Acknowledgement is important, even more important than you might think. I wrote an article about that a few years ago (read more) and recently, I decided to revive the section Visit Other Beautiful Souls again. I figured, I can’t talk about the importance of this and not walk the talk myself, right?!

While viewing my follower-list, I noticed that not everyone has an active blog or website. That is naturally a requirement to be able to showcase wonderful content of our neighbors. A personal requirement I added: I only create these kinds of shout outs for followers of my main website:

Today, I am going to highlight 3 websites/blogs. I kindly ask you to visit the virtual homes of these Beautiful Souls and if you like what you see, acknowledge them by hitting that follow button or leave your email address to subscribe. To show your support even more, Connect with your creative neighbor and leave a comment 😉

Beautiful Souls

Below 3 Beautiful Souls have been with me for many years. Kally and I even did build a warm friendship and created an article together recently. (Why didn’t we do this sooner, girl?! )It proofs my theory; you might not click with everyone, however, you can build meaningful connections via the virtual world! Anyways, here we go…

Barbara Grace Lake

Strictly for her own exploration and pleasure, but without thought of publication, Barbara Grace Lake has been writing poetry (off and on) for the past 45 years. She branched into a short but successful career publishing commentary and feature articles in various newspapers and magazines approximately 30 years ago. Like most writers, Ms. Lake considers the written word her best means of communication, and hopes others find her words useful and/or elicit an occasional smile.

Beautiful poetry & Other Crimes, and I need to visit her virtual home myself soon too! Visit Barbara: CLICK

Let's Talk

“Let’s Talk” aims to help you meet your highest potential and live an extraordinary successful and happy life. Maybe with the help of “Let’s Talk” you can acquire abundance of wealth, confidence, happiness and can address change smartly, what many would observe as impossible.

Feel, act and live happy because happiness is the objective of everyone’s life.

Rajesh has a mission that is in a way similar to mine. Absolutely worthwhile a visit! CLICK

Middle Me

MiddleMe is about you and the 9 hours you spend on your job each day.
MiddleMe is about collaborating all those advices I have given to everyone and hope that it may help you too. Even if you do not have a problem, this website will inspire and enrich you.
MiddleMe is also about helping you to make smart career moves and decisions.
MiddleMe is a platform for sharing. I will be sharing mine and many others experiences and what actions have we taken to get ourselves unstuck in a situation.
Let’s make the 40 hours you spend each week on your desk worth it.

Advice from an expert, visit Kally’s website now! CLICK

Have fun exploring and enjoy your weekend!

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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