Beautiful Souls

Acknowledgement is more important than you might think. As human beings, we are by nature a creature who prefers to belong to others. At the same time, we are also each unique individuals and living in harmony is unfortunately no longer a given. It even seems the frustration, anger and violence continues to increase worldwide. Understandably, people are tempted to withdraw from society and seek solitude: no longer trust human beings are wonderful creatures and even question, if there are still Beautiful Souls among us.

We are ALL imperfect.


We have the choice to gather Beautiful Souls, who share similar beliefs, values, etc., and possess the willingness to live in peace. A choice to invite them in our Dreampack(s). Acknowledgement is not about giving or receiving approval of who you are. It’s not about being right or wrong. We always have the choice to be open to different perspectives, opinions, cultures and belief-systems.

Difference is the strength of human beings.

Every now and then, my personal beliefs and values are being challenged. The question “How do you know it is true?” ( ‘it’ can be a person, belief-system, organisation, event, etc.) leads me back to my truth. Aware that your version of the truth, doesn’t have to be mine. Reminding myself of my core values, helps me make decisions right for me.

Be the example:

Personally, I never stopped believing in the kindness of our human nature. In the past, I started to write introductions about my blogging neighbors; about the Beautiful Souls I come across in the blogging-world. I underestimated the time it requires to create those introductions.

In August 2018, inspired by the Awards bloggers pass around to each other, I created my own  personal gift:




To me a Beautiful Soul is inspiring, open-minded and empathic. Of course, a Beautiful Soul is defined by more, however, these are to me a few of the important qualities of a human being 😉 This woman can’t do it all, as much as she would like to. Please feel free to use above picture and to insert the name of a Beautiful Soul you would like to acknowledge.

In addition, I created the ‘Other Beautiful Postssection years ago. Another example of how to acknowledge: share beautiful posts (articles and pieces of art) available on the internet. Many of my fellow-bloggers have their own version of this gesture too 🙂

Also, here on my virtual home, the section: ‘When Souls Connect‘. Connecting with neighbors on a global scale has already brought me so much, on a personal and professional level. Never forget that profile pictures are connected to your neighbors 😉

Acknowledgement is not about approving, it’s about empowering and showing appreciation. You might even gain wonderful friendships!

Visit the category Beautiful Souls and When Souls Connect every now and then, get inspired by your neighbors. Acknowledge them by following and like their blogs, websites and articles. Connect with each other by leaving a response at the comment-section.

Smile while passing your neighbor on the street. Be kind to the person behind the counter. Be a listening ear for those who need it. Become a volunteer. There are so many opportunities to be human, to be(come) the Beautiful Soul we all are.

Live in harmony with each other; start by acknowledging your neighbor.

~Page updated April 2019~


Acknowledge ;-)

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30 Responses

      1. Jij reageert altijd zo lief op mijn blogs! En nu zag ik een donatie van ‘Patty’ staan bij mijn doneeractie KWF Kankerbestrijding. Ik heb het vermoeden dat jij de Patty bent die ik mag bedanken. Bij deze: een groot dank je wel!

Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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