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Unshakeable confidence

Regularly, I go through my own older posts. Jeeeez, I’ve created and written a lot this past decade. Also a good reminder for myself, I learned a lot. Although, I still question myself at times, I do have some unshakeable main values. Unshakeable confidence in some areas, in some not so much…

Unshakeable conficence

I would like to share a post today, I’ve written in 2016. Since then I learned that indeed, like a Beautiful Soul commented back then: if you can touch one person’s heart with what you do, it is worthwhile (keep) doing what you’re doing. My confidence is shakable at times and that is OK. It means I’m living consciously, compassionately, being the unique human being I am. Embracing my positives AND limitations.

Anxiety is an emotion, a reminder of something that is calling out for me to do something. Not always an emotion in the face of a treat, which it might seem to be for many. It is the rising of energy, your body preparing you, protecting you. Welcome this emotion, it helps you to achieve the something that is of value to you.(Kierkegaard, van Deurzen). 

The Wheel - July 2016

I still don’t believe I need to invent a new wheel; an unshakeable belief. I learned to believe, my words and creations do matter. I matter. Maybe my words are not always unique. My intention, my compassion, my view of the world ARE. Reading this old post, was a good reminder for myself, I don’t need to question my own purpose…

“Lately I’m catching up on reading and listening to music. There have been so many beautiful words already been written. I think about it a lot; Do we still need to re-invent the wheel? Should we keep trying to improve it? Are my words adding any value to this globe? Since it feels it has/have been all said or written before. Even new reading material I come across I often find myself thinking “I’ve read that somewhere else already”, or  “hmm, wrote a similar piece”.

Is it important to write or say something unique? Or is it the person, what differentiates a similar piece of art? The intention someone express his/her thoughts, does that make it worthwhile reading and/or writing, even if it is a repetition?
Although I never have writers-block, since my brain-threads are always twirling and twisting, I am questioning the purpose of my own writing these days…”

I also translated a song in the original post, relevant at the time. Maybe still is. Read it here: CLICK

Stay Connected and let me know: do you have unshakeable confidence in all areas of your life, or unshakeable beliefs? More importantly, do you believe you matter? The latter, I hope you do: we all do 😉

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7 Responses

  1. I always find value in reading what I wrote in the past, whether in my blog or my personal journal. I find so many truths and lessons there.

    1. I know, right?! It still amazes me regularly, most answers we are looking for, we have within us 😉 Thank you for connecting, XxX

  2. The best way for me is to reflect a long period to see how I started, how I changed, what I changed and more. At the moment I reflect the period between 2005 and now. Funny to szee yourself in the written words.

  3. Sometimes I just sit and look around me and see myself reflected (not literally) in the things I own that matter to me most. None of them are actually worth anything in the sense of money, but it always warms my heart to know I am not interested in materialistic things, as it’s more important to me how someone or something makes me feel. I suppose that’s one of my core qualities, or, as you put it, unshakable confidence.

    Reflection is the fastest way to personal growth. And I agree, Patty: you DO matter 🙂

    1. That is a wonderful addition, dear Samantha. Indeed, we are also reflected in the ‘things’ we gather. Good to value that and to sort out; do I really need it, does it still reflect me as a person.
      Have a fabulous weekend! XxX

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