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Inspiring Quote – It’s in our hands

Creating a better world starts at an individual level. Let’s stand together and support the plea to stop the war in Ukraine. Hence, my choice today for this inspiring quote…

IQ by Nelson Mandela

Every now and then I share a quote I come across in our virtual world. The reason I do this, since I find quotes to be inspiring, thought provoking and/or a boost for the soul.Β 

Connect with me! and let me know in the comments below, what you think of the above quote. How do you contribute to a better world for us all ?

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Today, my home country The Netherlands is active all day online, on radio and television, to raise money to support our neighbors in and from Ukraine. I’m going to ask for your support by publishing several posts today.

Inspire each other...

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  1. πŸ’œ What about the “wars” elsewhere on Our Beautiful Planet that Some Name Gaia EveryOne; what about the “wars” behind closed doors, domestic violence, 😒 😳 sneaky, psychological manipulation in Partnerships and Family Homes πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ 😜 πŸ€” ? because this is where it ALL Starts EveryBody, …there’s a whiff of Closing The Stable Door πŸšͺ After The Horse 🐎 Has Bolted about Well Meaning Energy Expended on STOPPING THE “WARS”!!! when The Reality is This Sort of Campaigning has Little Chance of Success; if AnyOne Cares To Do a Little Research in to Resistance Cells across The History of “Wars” especially The French Resistance in WWII They WILL!!! Realise that it’s The Little Things that STOP “WAR”!!!…for Example The Rearing and Raising of Children To Be Accepting of Diversity, less of an Emphasis on Possession and Entitlement; with No DisRespect to Well Meaning Parents Who Often Raise War Monger Monsters, like Hitler, this Altruistic Approach to Informing Kids and Learning (Remembering πŸ€” ?) from Their Natural Peaceful ✌️ Nature is ALL about Dealing with The “war” Problem at its ROOTS!!!…the Internet Offers so Many UnPrecedented Solutions to Helping Kids Understand “war” is NOT!!! The Solution; but These Solutions Require ‘Grown Ups’ to Switch Their Energy and Focus from Fighting and Feeding The War Machine by Opposing It to a Focus on Educating Kids that “war” is No Good…yet There is a Flaw in This THINKING!!! of Mine; what if Self Defence is Required, something His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, has pondered with The Tibet/China Situation πŸ€” ?


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