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Knowledge can increase compassion and kindness (my faith)

You might remember the articles I wrote about our Universal Human Rights, which I wrote mainly for this reason: These days violence, intolerance, racism, discrimination seems to increase again. More and more people need to flee their homes and/or their countries, in the hope to find safety and peace elsewhere on our big world. When even leaders have forgotten our Universal Human Rights, I feel it’s time and very important to remind us all again of our Universal Human Rights.

In my opinion, it is not only the responsibility of leaders (political, financial, corporate, etc.) to educate themselves, but also our responsibility too… you and me, as neighbors living on our globe together. The saying “knowledge is power” can be used in a good way. Educating yourself about the views of your neighbor, will lead to more understanding, tolerance and even though you might not agree with other views, I strongly believe this will increase compassion and kindness towards each other.

John Astria of writes/creates highly educational articles and he gave me permission to translate a couple of them. Thank you again, dear John! Find out HERE (click), why I think you should visit this Beautiful Soul.

So far, I have managed to translate four articles about Religion – Violence, Islam (Europe becomes an IS state?), Buddhism, and Christianity. Initially, I intended to also translate a few more, but with the option of google-translate and my hope you are inspired by now to educate yourself, I am going to refer you to those articles of John:

The Koran is against violence

Learning at least the basics of other religions, I believe, will help to learn to understand our neighbors. Why religion could be of importance to them. That doesn’t mean you have to turn to religion yourself, but it could also be the beginning of a beautiful conversation. A way to find common ground and the realization, we don’t differ as much as you might have thought.

This article of John, I think, might help to find common base: The essence of all religions

I always thought I am an atheist, but thanks to the intriguing and thought-provoking articles of Danica, I am no longer sure about that. Not believing in (a) God, doesn’t automatically makes you an atheist, I learned by reading here fantastic posts.

Thanks to this amazing lady, I came across a great website, which contains an overview of (I think) all (?) current existing religions/belief-systems. Absolutely recommend it to explore yourself: Patheos (click)

No matter your background, upbringing, current belief or non-belief… Using your belief-system/religion to harm your neighbor, I learned, nobody originally wanted. Educating yourself about religion and other belief-systems, accepting we are all individuals with different views, or should I say perceptions 😉 , is key.

Atheist, humanist, spiritualist, naturalist, all of the above… I’m not sure, if I can be put into just one box. However, I still belief knowledge can lead to compassion and kindness towards each other. And it’s up to you and me.

That is my faith 😉

Inspire each other...

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    1. Thank you, Danica ! And again, thank you for your wonderful blog… I am certain it will help so many of our neighbors to figure out their belief-system. XxX

  1. I actually don’t have a stated religion, nor do I believe in religion in principle. I do have a faith though and acknowledge a greater Source outside myself, as that is readily self-evident to me anyway. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, because I have nothing I want to convince you of. I just want to share. In my experience, I have found there is a lot of power when we have faith in and join in Spirit with Source.

    1. I happen to believe we are all connected through the same energy and everything we do, has an impact on all of us and our globe. I love that thought ‘I just want to share’. Thank you for connecting! XxX

  2. Your beautiful words just made my day. Thank you so much for adding such magical drop of words in my jar of motivation.I feel blessed by your writing right now.
    I found delight love in what you just said in your post.
    Again such a beautiful write up on your blog.
    Keep the vibes on.

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You connecting with me, motivates me and I am grateful for that. Kind regards from a neighbor on our globe. XxX

      1. Thanks for replying  back to me.
        I guess you find my replies to your comment interesting.Am totally happy for your reply to. I really enjoyed the reply and again making you feel nice at this very moment

        Am here again to share a good idea about my award post. I also have good stories you can check on my blog also.

        My latest post is the peace love  writer award. You can check it out and tell me your own view about it.
        Here is the link for the award  post

        Peace ✌and Love ❤

          1. The Token is inspired on the awards, but a gift. No obligation to participate in forward the Token.
            The introductions of Beautiful Souls is a personal way by me to acknowledge my fellow bloggers/writers. No award either 😉
            I brought it up, just as an example of other ways to acknowledge our neighbors.

          2. Visit, explore and you will find the answers to your question there 😉
            Enjoy your day, XxX

          3. I really love your idea on this. Made me look wow. I love that idea. But mine is award,it comes once in a year. That is why.
            I appreciate that very much for your service here.

            I will use the idea in promoting me also. Love that very much. AgainI feel blessed by your contribution right now. I found delight love in what you just said about your idea.
            Am happy right now. Again such a beautiful way to contribute to my blog

            Peace ✌and Love ❤

  3. Thanks    for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    1. My pleasure Patrick. Feel free to explore 😉
      Simple blogger? I visited your blog and looked around…don’t underestimate yourself!

      1. Lol. You made my day go wowwwwwwwww.

        I feel blessed by your writing right now.
        I found delight love in what you just said about my blog. Am happy right now. Again such a beautiful to commend on my blog.
        Again, am still that simple blogger. ?

        Peace ✌and Love ❤

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