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When violence is tolerable, a CEO does good and other stuff

Between enjoying myself in the garden, taking care of the rest of my Dreampack, re-arranging my reading-blogs-of-fellow-writers-schedule there are neighbors who have to endure war. Not just the normal blood shedding fighting (as Trump calls it), nope, attacks with chemical weapons.  As I wrote in my article about bullying, I really believe violence should not be the answer to violence.

To me, the focus should be at preventing war, stop fighting one and another, for whatever reason, and at the very least try to accept each others uniqueness. Agree to disagree and let be. However, I must also be honest and admit, if someone would seriously threaten my Dreampack, I would fight back with all possible means accessible to me. Deliberately harm someone, similar to what happened in Syria (the use of chemicals) ? Never!

The question is, should we fight for, or on behalf of, our neighbors? That is not an easy question to answer and I am very grateful we have people (those politicians so many neighbors appear to hate) who carefully make the decisions about these kind of dilemmas. I therefore, without a doubt, support the precision attack in Syria last Friday-night.  When our political leaders make a good choice, I think we should also acknowledge that. (Not only complain about all those things we believe they do wrong)

Which brings me to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. If I could get a coin each time a neighbor of me complains about corporate neighbors, especially the ones at the top, I really think I would be the richest woman on earth. Did he made a mistake, maybe several mistakes? Absolutely. To me, Mark was naive in trusting neighbors of other companies as much as he does trust his own employees. What he did last week by saying “It was a mistake. I started Facebook, it is my company, therefore it was my mistake and I am responsible for it.” Deep bow for Mr. Mark Zuckerberg! I wish more CEO’s were this open and dare to be that vulnerable.

Besides the fact that WhatsApp and Instagram are also part of Facebook, so leaving FB and joining these two won’t make that much of difference, and because I never forgot what social media is in the first place; an open social media platform to communicate with my neighbors and thus, per example, not for sharing secrets, oh and let’s not forget it is still free, hence the advertising… I believe in giving people a second, even third change.

Maybe, Mark decides to dissolve Facebook completely, one never knows, so in addition to my staying at FB, I also am expanding my presence at Google+ . Did you delete your account at Facebook, you can follow me via this small space on our virtual Dreampack too 😉

Thanks to my friend David of ChapeFitness I finally found a way to have readers like and share my website and posts. I know more of users or self-hosted websites are looking for this… Add the Shareaholic plugin and your issue will, like mine, be solved. Woop woop 🙂

Do you happen to dislike the openness of social media, there are a lot of options in the settings available to keep your stuff as private as possible at an online platform. And yes, you can also make the choice to retreat from social media all together. In the end, no politician, no CEO, no neighbor can make that choice for you.

I am going to follow Mr. Zuckerbergs lead…taking responsibility for my own actions. Control what I can control. Nothing to hide (beside a passwords and pin-code), so still hope to see you here, at FB or at Google+.

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5 Responses

  1. I totally understand where your coming from. It’s nuts out there, and quite frankly…no one knows what to really do about it. It’s turned into a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation for many of the “people in charge”. I don’t envy them. I know I’d just make a bigger mess. As long as you have’ll have violence…even on social media. Bullying is not just a playground thing anymore.
    But…I have a ministry page on Facebook. It’s small..but it’s still standing. So the options to quit social media like Facebook is a bit hard for me. I too am putting more effort into moving my messages to my blogs. Hopefully…the following I’ve built there will follow me to my web sites and I can finally be free of the fiasco.
    I appreciate where your at..and what you wrote.
    No. Violence is Never the answer. But people need to learn the difference between protection and defence…and out and out tormenting.
    God doesn’t mean for any of His Children to be door mats…but He also WON’T put up with spoiled rotten children or rabid dogs.
    It’s all a question and search for Balance and Moderation.
    Maybe we can drop our little boxes and work on achieving those things for a while….instead of how many “likes and friends” we can accumulate.
    Ok…..that’s it. Thanks for letting me vent.
    Have a blessed and centered day.?
    Andrea Gaines.?

    1. Thank you dear Andrea for connecting and leaving such a thoughtful message. Yes, balance…I think in all we do, it comes down to balance. And I also believe, start with creating (y)our own little Dreampacks, be the example, because it will make a difference for our big Dreampack we all share.
      Wishing you a wonderful day too, XxX

  2. I try my best in looking at the broad perspective of my decisions, even the tiniest ones. It is a good practice as it allows me to understand at the situation from every angle. I do so because in past I’ve gone through situations where decisions and actions taken by one person affected his or her whole world with bad results.

    I certainly can control myself and my decisions but can’t do so with the others. They may hear me out but what they decide to do, is their own.

    1. Indeed Hammad. But we could at least try to convince others their might be better choices, right? 😉

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