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Update June 2018 ~ My Dreampack, including radio-interview :-)

Another month has gone by and the first half-year of 2018 lies behind us too. Did you make New Years Resolutions? I don’t do it, because why wait for tomorrow. A great article about the reason(s) you might have failed in succeeding so far, is written by Kat of  Maybe Mindful. Of course I plan and set myself goals, but in addition I try to enjoy each moment, each day, each month as much as possible. There is, however, one reason I am happy we already in July. My getting-new-fake-teeth-process.

Before I elaborate on that topic, Kat also participates at a highly interesting event, upcoming August, regarding meditation and visualization. She partnered with NoBox and if you’re ready for a NoBox Experience at a 30% discount, on the Isle of Wight, check out her post about this here: Read more and read HERE  the article about her vision about New Year Resolutions.

Now, the teeth hassle. Yesterday the dentist, finally!, placed the frame with the removable telescopic denture on my lower jaw, the removable regular denture I got last week already and normally it would be time to shout ‘Woop Woop’ out loud. No such luck.
I kind of underestimated the fact that I have to learn how to eat with these prostheses. Of course I’ve been told it takes time to adjust, but I didn’t anticipate it would be this difficult to get used to them. The one for my lower jaw doesn’t fit quite right yet, it could take a few days before it really ‘clicks in’,  and if that does not happen, it will have to be adjusted. Again. I know some of my readers are dying for a picture of me with my new smile, but as long as I don’t feel comfortable with it myself, you all have to wait 😉

Anyway, the month June was overall a happy month! It started with the birth of my niece Jolie and of course we visited her as soon as we could:

June 10 was my 46th anniversary of running around here on our big Dreampack, did not party that day. Instead, the following weekend, danced and rocked at Pinkpop in The Netherlands, the 49th edition of a yearly music festival. Two of the three days I went on my own, was a bit anxious about that: had a fabulous time. My favorites: favorites: Direct (a Dutch band, amazing singer), The Offspring, Triggerfinger, Pearl Jam, Nothing but Thieves, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol and Bruno Mars. Talking to strangers, dancing together and enjoying the sunshine; good memories created 🙂

Most of my readers are already aware of this; I became a Master Coach this month and wrote my first coaching program: C.A.R.E.
At the moment working on another compilation like the ‘You are NOT alone!’ (Depression) article last year, which the participants and I aim to finish early next week.
In my head, I already have another coaching program ready, upcoming week I am going to create it and hopefully publish it soon too.

In case you never heard me talk before, now is your change! David Snape of the radio show ‘David Snape Show ~ Bourne and Beyond’ was kind enough to interview me about my C.A.R.E. program. David and I have known each other for a few years already via blogging and he was one of the participants on the ‘You are NOT alone!’ compilation.
It is very obvious that David is a fantastic DJ and radio-host. It is very obvious I was interviewed on radio for the very first time in my life 😛

Here is the link to the show, my interview starts at 1.01.14 (hour, minutes, seconds): Radio-Interview

Do me a favor, make time and listen to the whole show and support David, ok?! This DJ is always open to interview neighbors who like to talk about new projects, their music band, exciting events, etc. So again, definitely worthwhile to visit David and his website. Thanks again dear David for having this rambling woman at your show!

As always, June was also about working in the garden and watching our vegetables grow. The weather is still very warm, summer definitely has arrived and running around on a daily base to water the plants and trees. Next month I will update on our garden again, if it survived this period of no rain and hot temperatures, and by then I hope to have published a photo of a big smiling version of me 😉

Don’t be(come) a stranger, stay connected, because you know I believe:

When Souls Connect wonderful things happen.

Enjoy your weekend!

Inspire each other...

6 Responses

  1. Wonderful blog post as usual and thank you for much for sharing my blog 🙂 Sending you lots of love! <3

  2. Yay for new things (teeth, babies, etc.). I’ll be sure to listen to your radio interview in a couple of days. Congrats on everything!

  3. Wauw busy you :-). I’m curious to what C.A.R.E. means and what you’ve wrote :-). Ofcourse i will stay connected, as much as i can. But you write so much 🙂 and it’s not always possible to read everything, sorry.
    take care and wish you a happy july aswell

    1. Hi dear Helena. Thank you for visiting again 🙂
      This is the C.A.R.E. program:
      It’s a matter of perception I guess, since I feel I don’t write enough, haha
      I am just happy you connect every now and then, so no worries/stress, ok? 😉
      Big hugs! XxX

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