Reach out to, connect with, and acknowledge Beautiful Souls is nowadays easier than ever. Besides sharing a smile with your neighbor, being friendly to the lady behind the counter, care for other living creatures; treating each other with respect in our daily encounters, we also have various opportunities through social media.

Writing on a website or blog is one of these options and thus, also a great way to reach out to all the Beautiful Souls at our globe. In addition, a perfect way to create pieces of art together.

Last, but definitely not least! We can learn so much from each others’ stories and perspectives. Hence, the reason I share inspiring, thought-provoking and motivational stories, perspectives, thoughts, quotes, etc. from my neighbors.

I hope it will inspire you to also start connecting TODAY, and if you wish to connect with me, leave a reply or hop over to this page: Connect.

…Stars glow bright,
spreading dust at night,
hope and faith start to grow,
therefore I feel, I know,
when souls do connect,
love can, no…will reflect,
the beauty inside us all,
and just one step, even small,
to reach out to each other,
will help our globe recover.

Patty Wolters

Art by Sarah

Do you Connect to Life, Others, Yourself?
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25 Responses

    1. You know, dear Helena…you’re the one who reminds me of that every week, so in a way one of my inspirations 😉

        1. No worries, popped over to your blog and I am glad you found me…I believe there is a reason for anything and I think I needed the reminder that life is a great adventure. 🙂

    1. This really means a lot dear Jonathan. I just started exploring and writing poetry in English last year (not my native language as you know)…so, again, this means a lot.
      Thank you for taking the time to visit.

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