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Mindset ~ Dare to Dream ! (Compilation)

Mindset ~ Dare to Dream !

Last year I created a compilation regarding the topic Depression: You are NOT Alone! and I thought it was high time to create a similar one, this time the topic is ‘Mindset’. When Souls Connect and reach out to each other, wonderful happenings do arise, and
therefore I connected with Beautiful Souls again:

Thank you dear Manuel, Marije and Sarah
for your time and permission to use your art/information.
Special thanks to Joeel & Natalie Rivera, who highly inspire Kileha and Patty.
This compilation is presented to you by
Kileha Holder (Begin, Believe, Become) and Patty Wolters (Connect):

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“Are you ready to jump on the train and start realizing your dreams? ”

©Art by Sarah of Art Expedition

©Art by Sarah of Art Expedition

Make sure you visit and connect with this lovely artist Sarah @

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How to start Daring to Dream

When I was a child I lived in the clouds, at least my mind did.  I had these wonderful dreams I would love to have.  My dream husband, home, children and career.  These were my main dreams, I guess because I came from a “broken home” in that my mom and dad weren’t together.  So for me those dreams were ideal, however deep down I didn’t believe in them and guess what?  As a result the relationships I did manage to have did not work out.  The roots to why have been uprooted and now when it comes to that area of my life I’m in a good place now.

However, as time went on my dreams changed, grew and have taken on a new form I never expected or anticipated.  As a result of being on this new journey I have learnt a lot about myself, my desires, what worked and didn’t work for me.  I loved it so much that I have become a certified Goal to Success & Life Coach helping others on their journey to successfully achieving their dreams and goals.

In this article I hope to inspire you to dream or dream again, if you have stopped dreaming because it’s so much fun and can lead you on the most adventurous journey of your life.  It’s true there are moments that you are like “OMG what the heck is going on, I don’t want to be here”.  Then there are times you are like “WOW how did I get here; is this a dream”.  I am going to share with you four ingredients for how you can go about daring to dream and making it fun in the process.

  1. Challenge yourself to write out 50 to 100 things you will like to achieve, do, have, places to go, people or organizations you will like to help. Don’t even stop to think of whether it’s possible or realistic just write.  Include all areas of your life such as relationships, personal, professional, leisure/fun, financial, health, spirituality, mindset…).  Have FUN doing this because this is where anything and everything is possible.
  1. Now turn them into SMART goals, by putting a timeline for when you would like to make them a reality. Frame your dream in a way that it is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.  This is where you are going to get excited because it’s no longer a fantasy in your head, there’s actually a possibility that it would become a reality. How cool is that?
  1. More importantly know your WHY. This is when it goes from you head to your heart.  It’s no longer some wishful thinking; you are emotionally connected to your dreams.  This is when you reach the point, where it’s not a matter of if you will achieve your dreams, only when.  To get to this point dig deep, at least 7 layers deep or deeper if need be.  Ask yourself “why is this important” for each answer ask yourself again “why do I want this/why it’s important”.  Do this until it evokes an emotional response from you, where you are not just giving a generic answer like “so I can have financial stability” but truly discovering why that’s important to you.
  2. Create a vision of the life you want. A clear vision of your purpose/mission in life.  Include different aspects of your life and your key goals.  When writing out your vision it’s important to incorporate the 4 P’s:
  • Personal: using I, Me statements
  • Present: as if it’s occurring now
  • Positive: avoid negative words like not or don’t
  • Passion: add feelings, emotion

When you start seeing your dreams become a reality it is super exciting.  All of a sudden your confidence goes up, you see the world in a new light and your dreams grow bigger in proportion.  Take it from me a super serious girl turn woman who had big dreams but little faith, when you begin by doing this activity, you will start to believe in the possibilities and you will become the person who is ready to accept the reality of their dreams.  I dare you to dream; better yet I dare you to dream BIG!

Kileha Holder – Certified Goal to Success & Life Coach

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Marije de Gans

~ ~ ~

“everything that is living is growing and
everything that is growing is moving”

Joeel & Natalie Rivera
Transformation Services, Inc

~ ~ ~

My Mind

Just thoughts?
Defining me?
Mentally blind?

Feelings become shadows
Emotions overpower
Heart in peace, nothing can disturb you
Just know: strong minds do suffer

Just thoughts?
I dare say no
Defining me?
I dare say no
Mentally blind?
I dare say;
I am my own foe

It’s not easy to realize
Being your own enemy
Taking back control
Your own responsibility

Past, future
Live now
and reset



Manuel O. ~ EmotionsofLife & Patty W. ~ Mimosa Pudica


Kileha Holder is a Certified Goal to Success & Life Coach.  She’s very passionate about working with her clients to help them successfully achieve their goals.  She helps them gain CLARITY on their dreams and helps them turn those dreams into goals so they can FOCUS on the right PRODUCTIVE activities to achieve their dreams.  You can follow her on Facebook at: or on Instagram: 


Patty Wolters is a Certified Multi-disciplinary online guidance practitioner. More information you can find at her website:


Feel free to share this compilation, however, we kindly request to acknowledge all participants and mention their websites. (Or use the sharing buttons below this article.)

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16 Responses

  1. I am a firm believer in the power of attraction, and that it works both ways. We can attract bounties in our hearts, or we can attract banes. This is why the heart is so essential to a person’s prosperity, in all senses of the word.

  2. Love this post Patty and a wonderful process to for anyone to get started to make dreams come true. Sometimes when we’re so caught up with work and perhaps family, we forget how important it is to dream – but especially to take time out for yourself.

    Beautiful poem also. 😉 x

  3. A wonderful compilation, Patty and thanks for letting me be a part of it (though you did all the work ?)!
    Hope you’re well and that the second protheses is well on the way. Xxx

    1. Thanks dear Sarah! Well, the dentist is on holiday break, so upcoming Monday we pick up the process again 😉 Thanks for asking. And all the best surviving the next couple of days with this ridiculously high temperatures! XxX

  4. Thanks for sharing, I love this compilation! Having dreams, and then believing in and acting upon them makes our lives so much meaningful, fulfilled, and growing. Happy Colorful Growth!:-)

    1. Thank you for connecting again! Hopeful Happy Colorful Growth with all Beautiful Souls in our Dreampack 🙂

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