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They say the best things in life are for free

Well, it should be, right?! Although… I stick to my belief that in today’s society money does come in handy and there is nothing wrong with that, but that’s a topic for another post. So, yes, many good things in life ARE FREE. Like the compilation I created and published yesterday; all I had to do was connect with some Beautiful Souls, ask if they had time and felt like participating. Those kind of collaborations are just, well, priceless 🙂

Connecting via reading blogs and website of neighbors in our virtual Dreampack resulted in many heartwarming friendships and I am happy to be able to draw your attention to an online course, Mathias Sager of Happy Colorful Growth created. Still FREE for a couple of days!

“Hello Everyone!

As you know from my blogging activities, I’m doing a lot of research, writing and projects related to leadership and personal development.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on my first online course and today it’s officially live on Udemy, the platform for high-quality on-demand online courses!

You can find a description of my course ‘Developing Leadership Skills: Leadership Personality, Motivation, and Creativity’ below as well as in this introductory/promotional video: ….”

If you’re interested: watch the video or hop over to his article HERE (click) and find out all about it. Including the link for FREE access to the course!

Talking about FREE gifts… I finished compiling my second coaching program CREATE, which I designed in a way to enable you to create, or improve, your Dreampack, yourself! For a period of time you can sign up for FREE and you can find all about it HERE (click).

For some weird reason, which I haven’t been able to figure out the why yet, I don’t receive a message for all ping-backs (info when someone shares a post from me or my website-url). Nothing happens without a reason and fortunately by getting sidetracked, I stumbled on a post of the lovely girl Aishwarya – blog: Eclipsed Words, who was so kind to nominate me for the Awesome Blogger Award.
How could one not appreciate and accept this FREE gift of acknowledgement?! Although I, most of the times, don’t follow the rules towards the Awards,  I’m always very touched and honored to receive these! Earlier this week, I wrote about being a sport and I also believe in practicing what you preach. So, soon I will answer Aishwarya’s questions, which is part of this nominating-colleague-bloggers process, in a separate post 😉

When Beautiful Souls Connect, wonderful happenings do arise and our Dreampack will thrive.

And often it can be for FREE 😉

Inspire each other...

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Let's Connect !

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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