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Once again purely about that decency ~ By Marije de Gans

As I often share at this website, and emphasized this week, when Beautiful Souls connect amazing connections do happen, as also wonderful happenings do arise. Marije and I met in our virtual Dreampack and our connection evolved into a warm friendship. However, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Before we all go and enjoy our weekends, I hope you read her article and if the shoe fits…take her and indirectly my message to heart 😉


Once again purely about that decency ~ By Marije de Gans


Suppose you are walking on the street. Or at a station. In a park. At a public place, visible for everyone.

You greet somebody with whom you have, quite casually, had contact. Someone whom you have often seen walking past, or with whom you once made a superficial chat at the supermarket-checkout.  Or at the theater. Such person is actually unknown to you. Or in some cases, well-known, but you didn’t find the contact that pleasant. In short, someone with whom you wouldn’t want to be friends. Thus, you greet, you walk on, you live on, and you no longer think about the person.


But, from that moment on, the person will follow you. Every time you go out, walk down the street, that person is right there and walks along, following you. No matter where you go. Continuously announcing his presence. He follows you to the park, to the store and even inside your garden. He starts making annoying remarks. Increasingly more frequently, until you realize that the person is annoying and you want you to get rid of him.
The moment you turn around and say something, the person becomes terribly angry and the annoying remarks become hurtful ones. That you are a mean person and that you are not nice enough for him. Compares you with others, to him far better than you and nasty comments about things you say, do, you like. Anything and everything, and more …  And if possible, he also tells other people. Because in summary: you are very wrong and he will not fail to make that clear to you.

Just like it….

You are surprised, because you do not want such a thing in your life at all. And you want to get rid of him. “What nonsense. Why are you following me if I am that wrong in your opinion? I do not want you to follow me any longer.” In addition, you say: “Go follow someone else with whom you agree”. To which the person responds: “You can say that, but as long as you walk in the street I can follow you, say everything to you and do everything with you. And you just have to like it. Because the street is public. Just as the station, or the park, or wherever you walk as soon as you get out of your door. And you stepped outside, your free choice. So, I keep following, defying, tormenting until I have enough of it myself. Because I can do that as long as you walk around publicly. “

Public blogging.

As a blogger, this is the situation in which I sometimes find myself. People follow me, and think can say everything, because my blog is public and the associated social media platforms too.

I blog about feelings, about loving relationships with each other. About decency and respect. And among my followers there is now and then someone who can’t resonate with this. Finds it necessary to share his different view in a way hard to miss. Usually on the social platform itself. Sometimes by mail. And sometimes, in real life, on the street. Unfortunately, not just one person, there are more.

My message is for everyone who understands it. But my message is not for all people. Marije de Gans

My Message.

With my blog and with all the social media platforms connected, I send out a public message. A message from my own world and my own heart. A message of beauty, love, respect and decency. The message of Beautiful Life (and Life Beautifully). Those who don’t need this message do not have to read it. Following me is voluntary. I do not force anyone, anywhere. I do not even care what someone thinks of it. However, I will continue to propagate my message. Anyone who misuses or distorts that message to hurt others, who reacts rude, mean or disrespectful to it, does not belong to my blog, or to the community that supports my message.

Here on the blog itself, it is usually not that bad. Most of the time people are genuine. On most other platforms too. Honest! But there are sometimes a few rotten apples. Unfortunately, if you are publicly active, at some platforms you can only remove followers by blocking them. And because I remain being publicly active, I’m going to block a number of followers soon.

Because when you opt for public blogging, it does not mean that you have to accept everything. That you have to like all from someone else and that everyone is free to say anything to you. That is just not how it is. We do not do it to each other on the street, there are rules for that. Those rules are just as easy to implement on the internet. I want to offer my readers, my followers, a safe, beautiful place. A place where everyone who lives up to the same as I is welcome and feels welcome. A place where people feel heard and understood. Supported in the decisions that they want or need to take for themselves. Hurtful, selfish or negative comments from others are mostly erroneous.

My message is for everyone who understands it. But my message is not for all people.

About decency, love and respect.

A little support, decency, respect and love. That’s why I do what I do. And I do that publicly. And those who can’t like this? Or who I do not trust? Or I notice that their intentions are not pure? They do not belong to my blog or its environment. Thus, from now on I will remove or block such followers.

I choose decency. Sincere love among each other. In mutual respect.

De Gans

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Translated to the best of her abilities by Patty Wolters, with permission of the author.
July 20 2018 ~

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