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Do you connect with the dark side?

Life Connection is more than the relationship between human beings. It is, to me, also about the connection with health, food, environment, emotions, etc. To be connected to Life, and with Life, I believe a realistic view is important. Well-being is reachable when we embrace both positives as limitations. Of events, of ourselves, of Life.

Dark side

Life can be harsh and emotions as sadness, despair, anger… We are all familiar with those. Anxiety and stress can be a way your brain is protecting you from something worse to happen. When you feel depressed, either there is something physically off balance or something happened that made you turn to the dark side of Life. 

Food can be comforting, but also contribute to a negative state of mind. The loss of a beloved one, a job, a house or any other Life Connection will lead to natural feelings of grief, stress and even anger. Don’t be afraid to surrender to the darkness for a while. Feel the emotions, endure the events, explore the dark side of Life the way it makes sense to you. Never ever feel obligated to put on a happy mask!

A positive perspective in Life surely makes that same Life more pleasant. At the same time, embracing the limitations by exploring the root cause of their existence in your life and allowing yourself to go through your dark emotions is much healthier as denying them all together. There could be a deficiency in your body, causing your spiral of negative emotions. A valid reason for the occurrence of an event. However, when you are psychically in good shape, it is wise to examine your Life Connections

Acknowledge all connections of Life and take full responsibility of yours. Your choices, your relationships, your psychical and mental health; the positives and limitations. Since all are part of Life.

Do you connect with the dark side?

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  1. A very thoughtful, thought-provoking post.

    I think living authentically means acknowledging the difficult times, circumstances and challenges in our personal lives and the collective as well. My belief is that we shouldn’t pretend they’re not there, but instead allow them to flow through us. The trick is not to allow them to settle in and take up permanent residence. But everything is part of our wholeness and needs to be honored.

    I think it can be really damaging when people lock themselves into victim mode. I’m certainly not saying that bad/sad/terrible things don’t happen – they do to everyone. But we have to claim responsibility for how ultimately we’re going to respond, and claim our sovereignty.

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