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Adapting to a new (temporary) normal

Adapting to a (temporary) new normal. Well, at least I hope the current worldwide crisis will be temporary. Life continues. Spring arrived, household chores need taken care of, birthdays, loss of beloved ones (unrelated to corona), gardening, sleep, eat, etc. On top of that, depending on the country one resides, adjusting to all kind of new rules and restrictions. Feelings of anxiety and even fear might rise.


Personally, I am not scared. Checking the official channels for the latest facts at a regular base and follow the instructions of the government will help me to stay as safe as possible. Adapting to a new daily routine, due to my husband working from home and other changes… it does results sometimes in feeling overwhelmed.

My way of prioritizing is looking at that wat is urgent or important. At the moment, blogging is at the bottom of my list. As much as I love doing this, I realized there are many other things I either love doing more, or are just more important and even more urgent. 

Stay calm, stay safe, stay healthy

That is what we all have to do and I hope all of my readers are all that: calm, safe and healthy. I will return after some personal stuff has settled. Could be in a few weeks, maybe I need until summer. As always, sending you a big hug.

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Until I return, feel free to EXPLORE 😉

Inspire each other...

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    1. Ah, dear Kim. Thank you for your visit! I quickly visited your website, a few time, very inspirational. As soon as things settled down, I will surely visit your virtual home more often. Hugs, XxX

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