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Life is an ongoing process of growth

Life is an ongoing process of growth. Life can be harsh, it can be beautiful. Growth in life, however, is a choice. Sharing my growth-process, hopefully inspires you to keep moving forward too.

As cliche as they might sometimes be...

Quotes often describe perfectly my thought process. I had to laugh out loud when I saw this first quote…reminding me of a wonderful conversation I had the other day…

The thing is, I do care. Understand this, and you understand me a whole lot better.

I go through life without having any regrets. So I convinced myself…

Unworthy people. I don’t like the word unworthy. If that stands for people who deliberately hurt others, for people who thinks it is ok to belittle people, to discriminate… Yes, that quote resonates.

What I try to live by is this...

As a person striving for perfection, I am fully aware I will never reach it. To me it means, I strive to become a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday. Could I go about certain things another way. Absolutely. Growth is a process. Never ending. 
In the past, I withdrew from someone or something, to realize later on I did so for the wrong reasons. The woman I am today, withdraws when I feel my trust is being compromised. When I feel forced to let go of my values. Unfortunately, sometimes, it still results in going against my own values and behaving in a way, I hardly even recognize myself.

Some call it being an imperfect human being. Some call it being human. Maybe it is just this 😉

Choice, always...

Maybe some, all or none of the quotes resonate with you too. Maybe you dislike quotes in general.. And that, my dear readers, is all what life is about. It is entirely up to YOU to choose what makes sense. Every day is an opportunity to start over, to do better, to become better, to make a new choice.

Regardless if you choose to remain as you are for a little while longer, or to move forward today… I hope you choose to connect with life and choose to…

Inspire each other...

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