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Most viewed post this year on my virtual home

The most viewed post this year on my virtual home is about the dark side of life and our connection to it. In case you missed it….

Read the most viewed post @ my virtual home

Always grateful for the visits @ my virtual home, the likes, the comments and the new followers. Connection is so important. Even the connection to the dark side of life. I’ve written that article even before the pandemic developed, which I think we can agree on is part of the dark side of life 😉  

Read the article here: CLICK

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2 Responses

  1. Ah yes, the dark side. We have Star Wars and its version – come and embrace the dark side of the Force (to indulge in raw emotions such as aggression, fear, anger, hatred, and passion). Then there is, what we call over here regarding men in particular, suffering from the “black dog.” Those days of depression where it is impossible to get out of bed. During the times where I have suffered from depression I know now I can ride it out – give myself permission to recover, to take time out, to get on top of the spiral and start to build positive thoughts. One thing I do know though, recovery cannot be done alone. Yes, COVID has/is the dark side for many this year. For me, believe it or not, it has been an opportunity to deal with so many things. Not at first. It took many months before we were in a position to start to build on what we wanted to do. It was like a detoxification process that included moving away from how I went about my consultancy previously, rebuilding connections at home (the cats in particular 😂) and helping others get through a difficult time.

    1. It is indeed easier to embrace your dark side and recover to the surface with some help.
      Love how you were able to turn this years events into clarity and meaningful connections. Thank you for sharing your experiences! Warmest regards, Patty

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