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Lets Connect Together! Week 2

Did you accomplish the goals you did set for yourself last week? The second week of March has started, time to reflect on the previous week and create plans for the upcoming week. Lets Connect Together! Week 2…

Lets Connect Together! Week 2...

I don’t know about you, however, I am so done talking about new ideas and intentions without also implementing them. In addition, since I believe in meaningful connections possible online too, I figured writing about my plans could inspire you to start taking action too. That is what Lets Connect Together is all about: sharing our plans to inspire AND to hold each other accountable. Not only do we support each other this way to keep Connecting to Life, Others and (Y)Ourselves, we also do it meaningfully 😉


The first week, of this new item here @ my virtual home, I mentioned three of my goals. Hereby an overview of my progress:

Picture of my sowing process

In February and March you can start sowing the first seeds. Since it was the first week of March, I figured it was high time to start. Five different tomatoes, spring onions, marigold, oregano, peppers and lettuce are in the sowing soil.  Most seeds need a few weeks to germinate, however, very happy to be able to share a few seeds already did : -)

Picture of the first seeds growing

The second goal was to finish my Reflect to Connect page. While working on it, I realized the philosophy I based the content on did no longer correspond with my current ideas. I made the decision to first start to re-write my own created philosophy and to postpone working on the Reflect to Connect page a week. My updated philosophy you can find here: CLICK

The last goal I shared with you involved my intentions to refocus on nutrition. Connecting with food is very important to me, since it is connected to my overall health. As a skilled helper I studied also about nutrition and I dived into the books and study materials again to remind myself which nutrients are important for us human beings. In case you’re interested, the information from Dr. Sarah is based on science and this is the link to here website: CLICK

Goals for week 2

We can’t control everything. Fortunately, we can control (choose) how to respond.  Per example, another goal on my list, which I didn’t mention, was to finish some tasks in the garden. The temperatures dropped and thus to cold to work outside a lot. Normally, I would be frustrated, because I am soooo ready for warmer and better weather conditions. Well, I can’t control the weather, so I will no longer complain about it. Or at least try not to do so ; -)

This week the temperatures will rise up again, a bit, however, rain is forecasted. I love gardening, but I’m not a die-hard one. The garden will have to wait ; -) Since I finished my philosophy-page, I aim to finish the Reflect to Connect page this week. Secondly, now the nutrition information is fresh in my mind again, I’m going to make an effort to eat at least fourteen healthy meals this week.

Your goals?

Above some of my goals for week 2 of March. How did your previous week go, goals related? Did you set goals? Did you accomplish them? And what about this new week ahead? 

Connect with me; share your plans in the comment section (or privately via email) and Lets Connect Together !

Inspire each other...

9 Responses

  1. One of my goals is related to a new project I’m working on. So far it’s going well, and I should be ready to launch in May. Thank you for this motivational post Patty!

    1. How exiting, a new project! I think new projects are motivational in itself 🙂 Thank you for Connecting, Katherin 🙂

  2. Week 1 was successful, re working away onsite with a client, which went extremely well. However, Week 2 has been a complete disaster from a planning point of view. Here I am on Friday and the week has been reactionary. Next week is accounted for and the bathroom makeover will be finished – which is a big goal achieved for us this year. May be we will put our feet up now for the rest of the year 😂. That being said, it will be the following week before I get back on track with my next goal.

    1. Unfortunately, we can’t control everything…or maybe that is fortunate, since I believe everything happens for a reason 🙂
      Having seen the picture of your bathroom, certain it will be a joy to spend time there and take that well deserved rest!

  3. I will catch up next week (and start thinking about how I can ‘connect’ this to my own blog… hmmm….) For now: up north here I am not so much thinking about what to sow yet. But: some pumpkins are in the windowsills, as are dill-seeds. Inside, where it is warm enough 🙂

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