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When the weather is all over the place, it’s a good time to read the posts of Beautiful Souls in our virtual world. Recently, I’ve read a brilliant article regarding mindfulness…


Acknowledgement is more important than you might think. It is not about approving, it’s about empowerment and showing appreciation. Virtual social platforms are perfect for that. In addition, for me, it is also about staying aware of the fact that we all human beings, striving to thrive, each in our unique way. Seeking understanding for each others differences, can only lead to a more peaceful world for us all.

Therefore, I hope you challenge yourself to keep reaching out to and Connect with Beautiful Souls out there. Don’t hesitate to link a Beautiful Post you created, or did read, in the comments below.

Is mindfulness useless in a pandemic?

“Sooo… coming from a mindfulness blogger, the title of this blog might seem, at best, surprising. But this is exactly what an article by The Economist is claiming. And not as a question, but as an unequivocal statement: ‘Mindfulness is useless in a pandemic’. A brief subtitle follows: ‘Living in the present has never felt more overrated’.”

Read the brilliant article by Kat of Maybe Mindful here: CLICK

Don’t forget to acknowledge her (article) and leave a comment at Kat’s post ; -)

Inspire each other...

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  1. Thank you so much Patty for sharing! Your friendship means the world to me! Hope you are having a lovely week xxx

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