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Lets Connect Together! Week 3

The third week of March has started, time to reflect on the previous week and create plans for the upcoming week. Did you accomplish the goals you did set for yourself last week? Lets Connect Together! Week 3…

Lets Connect Together! Week 3...

I don’t know about you, however, I am so done talking about new ideas and intentions without also implementing them. In addition, since I believe in meaningful connections possible online too, I figured writing about my plans could inspire you to start taking action too. That is what Lets Connect Together is all about: sharing our plans to inspire AND to hold each other accountable. Not only do we support each other this way to keep Connecting to Life, Others and (Y)Ourselves, we also do it meaningfully ; -)


As mentioned last week, the weather is all over the place, which is typical for this part of the world. Nature doesn’t seem to care; I’ve noticed an increase in buds on plants and trees. Next week frost is forecasted, so fingers crossed they will survive the lower temperatures. Almost five decades on this planet myself, I learned nature is resilient, but still…

Anyways, back to my personal goals. My Connection to Food is not quite how I would like it to be. I did have at least 14 healthy meals, however, my goal is to become the best version of myself. That includes being the best healthy version, I could be. Being honest towards myself, because I know I can do better. It has nothing to do with being harsh, or not giving myself any slack, but all about taking responsibility for myself and thus my life.

The other goal I shared has everything to do with achieving a dream. Creating a tool to be able to be there for my neighbors, globally, and help them find their answers and/or solutions themselves, is part of that dream. I’m very pleased to be able to tell you the basic layout and content is finished 🙂

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Goals for week 3

Lunch and dinner are going well, hence I was able to accomplish consuming 14 healthy meals. Breakfast on the other hand… Born and raised in a bread-loving country, a grandfather who was a baker, and married with a son of a baker, bread is probably ingrained in my DNA. However, I watched the docu What’s with wheat? a few years back, plus my own research and studying about nutrition, which resulted in no longer being a fan of wheat. I have recipes for alternative breakfasts, so upcoming week I intend to prepare at least three of those.

Regarding my virtual home, the goal is to finish the form needed to get started with the tool I mentioned above. In addition, start creating, plus publishing, short ads for this program.

To grow we need to challenge ourselves regularly. Eating healthy, natural real food will not have a lot of effect, if we don’t move daily. Reflecting upon my Connection to Movement and start moving more, is another goal for this third week of March.

Your goals?

Above some of my goals for week 3 of March. How did your previous week go, goals related? Did you set goals? Did you accomplish them? And what about this new week ahead? 

Connect with me; share your plans in the comment section (or privately via email) and Lets Connect Together !

Inspire each other...

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  1. I am in the exact same place, Patty. I am so done with my head coming up with all kinds of new ideas and then me not doing anything with those ideas. I’ve also made a list of goals and set a new one every week, trying to get that change I’m craving.

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