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Let’s Connect Together ! Week 5 – Goals and Values

This fifth week of ‘Let’s Connect Together !’, I will still talk about goals: reflecting back and goal setting. And share some of mine. However, without knowing your main values, reaching your goals will be more difficult…

Let's Connect Together ! Week 5 - Goals and Values

I don’t know about you, however, I am so done talking about new ideas and intentions without also implementing them. In addition, since I believe in meaningful connections possible online too, I figured writing about my plans could inspire you to start taking action too. That is what Lets Connect Together is all about: sharing our plans to inspire AND to hold each other accountable. Not only do we support each other this way to keep Connecting to Life, Others and (Y)Ourselves, we also do it meaningfully ; -)


Before I dive into the topic ‘values’, let’s reflect back on last week. Earlier in the week my laptop sort of crashed. Fortunately, my husband is very handy in several areas and also with technical stuff. He replaced the internal memory cards and knock on wood, this seems to have fixed the issues. It did mean however, I couldn’t do all I wanted laptop-wise, will come back to that later. 

The Skilled Helpers Collaborative I did manage to compile and publish. Ok, I am not completely objective, still convinced it is another great edition of this project. Missed it? Find the collaborative article here: click

Besides changing habits, create healthier ones for yourself, I also work with lists. Nowadays you can use all kinds of amazing apps on your mobile to keep track, however, one of my goals is to spend less time on my phone. Therefore, I use a notebook to write down the tasks of the day and scribble down new ideas. For both my personal and website related projects, I created Excel files.  Per example, I keep track of the habits I try to implement. This really helps behave and think more consciously. 

With the help of YouTube tutorials I was able to create a form I need for a new project. More about that I will share in another post ; -) As promised last week, I did take some photo’s to show you the progress of my seedlings: 

Marigolds 2021
Tomatoes and Peppers 2021
Tomatoes and Peppers growing steady 🙂
Both Kiwis survived the winter!
Lettuce variations 2021
Three different kinds of lettuce
Vegetable plot 2021
My new smaller vegetable plot is ready to start using

Goals for this new week

The weather is going to be really good this new week, so I plan to be outside a lot. Of course, caring for the (vegetable-) garden and spending time with our two dogs in the sun : -) With both dogs I want to pick up training exercises again, since we have been a bit slacky for a while. Especially Danja, the Shepperd mix, is full of energy, so it’s only fair to give her the attention she needs.

Treat (our) pets with respect is one of my values. Of course, we always do our best to take could care of them, but with Spring in the air, it is noticeable the dogs need more exercise. Which brings me on the topic ‘values’. Without knowing yours, it will be harder to stick to your goals and thus accomplish them. You can watch a short video I created about how to discover your main values here: click

Another main value of me is ‘Freedom’. That doesn’t mean I won’t follow the laws, or pressing requests to help keep my neighbors safe and healthy. It does mean, I like to be flexible in the way I spend my time. I absolutely believe that structure will create freedom. So I already started to adjust my morning routine, which will lead to more free time during the rest of the day. 

Knowing why you find something important to pursue, starts with knowing your main values. It really will help you to Connect deeper to Life, to Others and to Yourself.

Your goals?

Some of my goals for week upcoming week. How did your previous week go, goals related? Did you set goals? Did you accomplish them? And what about your new week ahead? 

Connect with me; share your plans in the comment section (or privately via email) and Lets Connect Together !

Inspire each other...

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