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Guestblog: Dreampack by mySestina

As I get older, I realize more and more that the natural needs of dogs actually don’t differ much from our natural needs. As well as dogs we feel better as part of a committed family; no matter the family relation, or how big your family is. Healthy food and drinks are just as important to our health. A roof over our head, enough exercise, structure, clear guidelines …

A Dreampack doesn’t have to include dogs. A person living on his own can also live and create a Dreampack. I strongly believe all living creatures on this globe deserve a Dreampack.
Since we are all unique, our Dreampacks will also be unique. I’ve asked a few writers to share their thoughts regarding what (a) Dreampack means to them.

Enjoy this guest-blog of the beautiful soul Zigyasa from mySestina:


dare I today to go ahead and dream

dare I today to Dream of a Dreampack

to consist of a world must we create

A world so full of compassion, genuineness

With no hatred in the hearts staying there

Where sorrow is never to follow no one

Loneliness to have no place to survive

Merriment and giggles spread all around

A world where no one ever to sleep hungry

With a home to belong to every soul

Warm clothes to save skin from freezing

Cool breeze to soothe from the burning sun

A Dreampack to offer eternal love

Where souls connect with their soul mate

Holding each other in their arms so loving

Their eyes to see the reflection of each other

Lips to kiss, to speak the words of affection

They would cry together if they must

Laughter to be shared eating dinner together

Never to cause hurt, no harm in any form..

The Dreampack to consist of another dream

A place where we can see the nature glowing

lush green trees, no cemented towers

pure water to fall from the mountains

to bathe mother earth, make it flourish

animals don’t need to die of human greed

they too have a home to make their young ones to sleep

a river to flow for each one of them

together they all to drink water with no poison

My Dreampack to have much more on the list

Am I asking for a little too much

Must I not make any sacrifice

Must I include as much as I want

After all

It’s a Dreampack

Must I not, deny it

Of any Dreams, I may ever have

Inspire each other...

13 Responses

  1. Hoi Patty even wezen kijken op jou site. Ik ben nog steeds niet in vorm. Maar probeert het wel steeds. het is zo leuk om te doen helaas 2x daags verpleegster in huis. ,met veel beperkingen maar er is hoop zeggen ze.. dus. denken maar vooruit hoe gaat het met jou. ik volgt je hoor. en hoopt het vol te houden heel fijn weekend toegewenst lieve gr van Cees

    1. Hallo lieve Cees,
      Respect dat je toch nog zoveel probeert te doen. Hier in onze Droomroedel gaat het naar wens en ik mag absoluut niet klagen.
      Fijn weekend, liefs, XxX

      ps: realiseer je je wel, dat je berichtjes openbaar zijn, als je ze plaatst?
      Je mag me altijd mailen via
      info @ , mocht je liever prive communiceren 😉

  2. An absolute beaute.
    Being a fan of both the two who brought out this post, i have to regard this post not just as a like but a love.
    Because i love you two a lot in any little thing that you do! Cheers! – Cezane

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