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The Eternal Series by Richard Ankers: Review

Let me start with the important information I forgot at the review about the first two parts of the Eternal trilogy: If you are not into this genre, you will be pleasantly surprised how quick you forget that you weren’t. The author of the series takes you to a world full of adventure and keeps you intrigued by the marvelous twists. Richard also proves men do have a romantic side and also the various relationships described, I believe we can all resonate with. The humor is the kind I dig and every single time I read ‘tee-hee’ it made me smile.

I honestly believe Mr. Anker’s fictional world is not that far from the reality: if we don’t take our responsible for the globe and all living creatures upon, fast! Hence, this is another aspect to appreciate…After reading the complete series you will definitely think more seriously about the Earth, and what we are doing to her. That happens to be also one of the goals of Richard to reach, via his writing. To me, a job well done.

Although I loved every single word I read, this excerpt is (besides ‘tee-hee) taken from one of my favorites conversations in part 3 ‘Into Eternity’:

“Do not listen to the past, Jean, when it is the future that depends upon you. Do not forgive, for there is nothing to forgive. Do not repent, for a dead heart is still a heart, and though its beat is infrequent, it still speaks more truth than a billion, soulless ghouls”.

I rest my case 😉

Get your copy of the series HERE or visit Richard’s website HERE.

Did I already tell you, dear Richard, you gained a fan?!
Seriously, I will have to hurry to buy that fabulous dress for the red carpet 🙂

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