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Knowledge can increase compassion and kindness (Islam)

You might remember the articles I wrote about our Universal Human Rights, which I wrote mainly for this reason: These days violence, intolerance, racism, discrimination seems to increase again. More and more people need to flee their homes and/or their countries, in the hope to find safety and peace elsewhere on our big world. When even leaders have forgotten our Universal Human Rights, I feel it’s time and very important to remind us all again of our Universal Human Rights.

In my opinion, it is not only the responsibility of leaders (political, financial, corporate, etc.) to educate themselves, but also our responsibility too…you and me, as neighbors living on our globe together. The saying “knowledge is power” can be used in a good way. Educating yourself about the views of your neighbor, will lead to more understanding, tolerance and even though you might not agree with other views, I strongly believe this will increase compassion and kindness towards each other.

John Astria

John Astria of writes/creates highly educational articles and he gave me permission to translate a couple of them. Thank you again, dear John! Find out HERE (click), why I think you should visit this Beautiful Soul.

The original article in Dutch “Wordt Europa binnenkort een ‘islamitische staat’ waar de shari’ah geldt?” and within the sources John used, you can find HERE (click).

Will Europe soon become an 'Islamic State' where the Shari'ah applies?

According to figures from the United Nations, 4.5 million Syrians have fled their country since the spring of 2011, when the war began, until today (August 2015). They are fleeing the barrel bombs and the violence of President Assad (who makes 7 times more civilian deaths than the terrorist group IS), for the terrorists of IS, for all kinds of other warring parties and for persecution.

90% of them (4 million) are in the neighboring countries of Syria (mainly in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan), while 10% (more than 400,000) in Europe have already submitted asylum requests.

Will this lead to an Islamization of Europe? Will the European judiciary soon be determined by the Shari’ah? The following considerations shed light on this:

Currently, 4% of the European population are Muslim. In other words, for every 4 Muslims in Europe, there are 96 non-Muslims. If the total of more than 4 million Syrian refugees came to Europe, the number of Muslims in Europe would rise to 5% of the European population. By comparison, 10% of the population in Egypt are Christians.

Islamic State (IS) is an extremely right-wing terror organization.
What “Islamic State” thinks and does is not representative of Islam and for Muslims. After all, IS is an Islamic terror organization. Everywhere in the world, thereare extremely right-wing terrorists, just think of Timothy McVeigh of the attack in Oklahoma, or closer to home Anders Breivik who caused a massacre in Norway for which he claimed to call upon extreme right-wing ideologists and Christian doctrine.

Should the Muslim world decide that all Christians are extreme right-wing terrorists? Of course not. Just as Anders Breivik is not a representative of Christianity, but is the opposite of it, the same applies to the terrorist group Islamic State: IS is the opposite of what Islam and Muslims stand for. Islam regards terror as a crime against the society with the most severe punishments. The highest religious authorities in Islam have repeatedly and repeatedly condemned IS as contradictory to Islam.

Muslims must comply with the laws of the country where they are located. The Qur’an and Islamic teachings state that Muslims are obliged to comply with the laws of the country in which they find themselves. So there is no question that they could or should introduce Shari’ah from Islamic teachings. Incidentally, in most of the Muslim countries the Shari’ah does NOT apply. The Islamic doctrine, after all, does not contain a blueprint of a constitutional organization, so that Muslims are free to organize their country as they wish, on the understanding that they are instructed by Islam to create a just society for everyone (Muslim and non-Muslim) … Islamic doctrine explicitly prohibits a dictatorship and a theocracy. Nothing in Islam obliges Muslims to enter the Shari’ah and by far most Muslims do not want to enter the Shari’ah at all. Since Muslims do not introduce Shari’ah in their own countries, why would they want to do so in Europe? According to the Islamic doctrine, Shari’ah can not and must not be introduced unless a majority of the population that borders on unanimity opts for it. It should be clear that since the highest Islamic authorities reject the doctrines and actions of IS as contrary to Islam, their ‘Shari’ah’ version is also a mockery of the doctrine. Terrorists are also imprisoned in Muslim countries, and in the handful of countries where shariah counts, terrorists are sometimes sentenced to death and executed. In addition, not only Western countries but also Muslim countries carry out aerial bombardments on IS.

Religious freedom is enshrined in the constitution. All European countries have anchored religious freedom (which is also a core value of Islam) in their constitution, including Belgium. This means that everyone is free to believe what he wants and that this right is protected by the constitution for everyone, for Christians as well as for Buddhists, Jews, atheists and Muslims. This is regulated, among other things, by the Constitution articles 19 and 20:

Art 19 “The freedom of worship, its free public exercise, as well as the freedom to express its opinion in all areas, shall be guaranteed, subject to the punishment of the crimes perpetrated on the occasion of the use of those freedoms.” Art. 20 “No one can be forced to participate in any way in acts and ceremonies of a worship service or to observe the days of rest.”

In short, to the question of whether the Syrian refugees will lead to the Shari’ah being introduced in Europe, the answer is obvious: NO.

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