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Inspiring Quotes and Other Beautiful Posts

Last year, I posted during several months once a week quotes which inspired me, boosted my soul or provoked my thoughts. Knowing myself, I will use these kind of quotes in future posts, however, not going to create separate posts for these, this year. Intrigued which quotes got to me, so far ? You can find them on this page: Inspiring Quotes  (click).

Intend to keep posting regularly Other Beautiful Posts I read on my daily visits of blogs from our neighbors here in blogland. The blog I am going to share now, is of an amazing lady who (among various other beautiful posts) creates inspiring, soul boosting, or thought provoking quotes herself. As you know, I believe acknowledgement is very important…so click the link, read Katherin’s Beautiful Post and get inspired just like me 😉

“When you know better, you do better, and when you do better, you have some semblance of clarity. You know yourself, and you no longer walk the fine line of being one type of person in public and an entirely different one in private. You learn that it’s either okay that you speak from your heart, or it’s not. You learn that people will be comfortable with who you are, or they will not. Either scenario is fine.

When you know better, you do better, and…” [READ MORE]

Inspire each other...

9 Responses

    1. Fantastic 🙂 I haven’t read the comment section at Katherin’s post…This curious woman will go back and find your response 😉
      Thanks for reading and connecting, XxX

    1. Hi Kally…yes I did ! Thank you 🙂
      Later today, I will hop over to your blog again and also have on my list ‘to do’ noted to write you an email 😉

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