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Emotionsoflife & Mimosa Pudica: Revival

No better way to start blogging again in this new year, by connecting with my dear friend Manuel and create a poem together 🙂



Seeds of a new future
A place of no regret
No deception
No spiritual debt

Waking the spirit
By the light of another
Such great force within us all
Majestic like the thunder

Watch the sky at night
Find that special star
It will sparkle bright
Soften that aching scar

To heal a soul is hard
Feeling scared and alone
Lean on your spiritual guard
Connect beyond the zone

Cosmos control
Hear the whispers of another soul

Sleep behind the horizon
No more
Tears turn into blood
No more!!!

Just like the seeds grow stronger
With assistance of nature’s spirituality
Able to stand firm during thunder
Thriving beneath cosmos vitality

Let the wind bring you energy
The rain purifies the sorrow
Embrace this new synergy
Revive for a new tomorrow


EmotionsofLife & Mimosa Pudica

Looking forward to again a year of rocking and rolling together, Manuel 😉

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Inspire each other...

8 Responses

    1. Thank you dear Gary! 🙂
      And of course, Happy 2018 to you too, no matter the challenges brought to us 😉 Happy to connect again, a whole new year ahead! XxX

  1. You know that feeling when you are standing at the top of the mountain staring at a beautiful landscape and breathing that so refreshing air that brings life to your soul, mind, body…

    Its a new year, first month of it and I was searching for that feel…I came and found it by reading this beautiful artistry made by you two. An absolute beautiful read! I want more of it and more of it and more of it. Proud of you both.

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