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I am (a) Mimosa Pudica

Just like my brain threads hop over from one thought to the other, faster than I can write, in this post I will cover several topics, which have been on my mind lately. During the holiday season, I’ve been reading articles and comments of others and anyone who states ‘I don’t reflect’ is, to me, fooling his/herself. Or maybe even a fool, if you truly don’t. Reflecting on the previous year, think about what you would like to do different upcoming year(s), take the wisdom of lessons learned in the past with you into 2018…why wouldn’t you?

Last year taught me, I am (a) Mimosa Pudica… I am who I am and although I realize, lots more lessons waiting to learn, I know who I am inside and out. Advice always welcome; my choice to do something with it. As always, open to other opinions, thoughts and as a dear friend reminded me; learning is key. That doesn’t mean, I have to embrace ideas and thoughts which go against my principles, my being, against everything I believe in and stand for.

I perfectly understand I can’t solve all issues in the world, there are some human beings who are born into this world with one or more wires missing (not save-able), but I can try to be a Beautiful Soul and help creating a kinder and peaceful Dreampack for all living creatures upon it, for our Dreampack itself. Did you know, we have currently over 7,593,303,450 neighbors (Jan 7, 2018)? It is impossible to get all those souls thinking similar, living in the same way, you or I do. Hence, I don’t even think one should want this.

Our differences, is the strength of us human beings.

Per example, I would never ever pressure a person into shaking my hand, if the belief of that person prohibits this. Which got me researching common ways to say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ by different cultures. I learned ‘Namaste‘ does not necessarily means ‘“the divine in me bows to the divine in you”. Developed the habit of ending a comment with XxX myself and maybe, that is offensive to some of you. Tell me, if it’s too informal and I will change it to ‘Kind Regards’. Maybe we could create a Universal way? I couldn’t find one…
At my website and below comments/messages, however, until someone tells me there is a Universal way, I will continue to sign with XxX.

I care about my neighbors on our Dreampack. I even believe it is every individuals responsibility: to care. (Create, Acknowlegde, Reach out, Embrace) Understand me right, I am nobody’s fool. I try to be open-minded, kind to my neighbors, and even tried to adjust to everyone around, far too long. I learned the hard way…I cannot please all. As much as I would like to. I tried, I did fall hard. No more. I won’t ask you to do the same. Learn my lesson ?

I am who I am. I stand for who I am. I fight for what I believe in. I fight even harder for my personal Dreampack.

At the same time, I will care for my neighbors and our big Dreampack too.

I am (a) Mimosa Pudica.

More about me, and the meaning of Mimosa Pudica, you can read here: Mimosa Pudica (click)

Inspire each other...

13 Responses

  1. It’s always a delight to read your reflections Patty. And I always smile when I think of mimosa pudica. There’s magic and profound self-awareness and a sense of boundaries even if we’re most aware of the sensitivity of the plant’s leaves. But one can never forget the beautiful shining star of a flower that graces the plant as well. That’s how I think of you Patty. XxX

    1. What a heartwarming comment to read, to start my day with. I am even blushing, dear Deborah. Thank you! XxX

  2. Patty, I’ve noticed the same thing. There’s a sort of ANTI-resolution sentiment, which I cannot quite understand myself. I know that we can always set and achieve goals whenever we want, but I’m not quite sure what’s the issue with doing it at the end of the so-called year and beginning fresh with reflection and a newer mindset during the new year. Anywho, whenever you get a minute, please provide your email. I have a February campaign I’d like for you to participate in.

    1. Indeed. I do believe in ‘why wait for tomorrow’, but if that tomorrow happens to be at the end of the year…
      Anyway, very curious about your campaign…will provide you my personal email through private FB message 😉

  3. Great post Patty! “Our differences, is the strength of us human beings.” I shudder to think of what a world would look like if we were all the same.

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