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Boost Your Soul: Acceptance is KEY to it all.

Last year I participated in the annual Kindness Challenge of Niki Meadows and one of the goals I had given myself was ‘Let go’. No matter how often I continued to tell myself to ‘Let Go’, I discovered there are matters, I simply cannot. For instance, as I described in my previous post, I will continue to care about my neighbors. The subject that has been keeping me occupied lately, is to me key to be able to ‘Let Go’.

In addition, to be able to love yourself, let alone love someone else, or to take the first step during your darkest moment (see article about depression), to establish a healthy relationship, to create your Dreampack, to create a peaceful world for all of us, to forgive, to be open-minded, to … etc, etc.

Acceptance is key to it all.


Regularly, I write about the importance of embracing ALL of yourself, positives and limitations. Without acceptance, I believe it will be impossible to do so. To be able to find balance, discovering your strengths and your flaws, accepting both, again, is key. Sometime last year, I wrote:


It is OK to be you and thus me, with all of our limitations and positives.


Maybe it seems hard to accept your flaws, your limitations, but once you understand they are a part of you, not define you as a person, you can choose to accept them and/or choose to better yourself.

Now here is the thing… I realized accepting your positives could also seem to be too hard. So, let me share with you what I’ve learned:

Telling yourself, you are a kind person, you know who you are inside and out, you possess valuable qualities and have some wisdom to offer, does not necessarily mean you’re being arrogant. Key: accept however, your truth isn’t automatically another person’s truth.

You might have discovered some things about yourself, of which you know other people may not like them, but you don’t want to change those, because you know they are part of you: characteristics, behavior, qualities. Parts you feel are positives. Key: accept you can’t always change someone’s perception about you.

Finding common ground, compromise, especially when it involves topics or persons you truly care about, yes. But there comes a time you may have to ‘Let Go’…the argument on which you cannot reach consensus, maybe even the person you arguing with. If you love someone deeply, this someone might not love you equally deep or not at all. Hence, I even discovered that you can love a person and dislike him or her at the same time.
In order to be able to do this, it is key to accept this and subsequently, either choose to agree to disagree, or accept we are all unique individuals and sometimes there is no common ground to be found, sometimes we just don’t ‘click’.

Whatever it is you have to accept, before you can do anything else…the most important key:


It is OK to be you and thus me, with all of our limitations and positives.

Ps: the link towards Niki’s post relating to this year’s Kindness Challenge, I strongly recommend.
Would like to explore first by reading how I fulfilled the challenge? Click HERE 

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