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Visiting this page probably means you’re either curious about what I have to say about the topic Boost Your Soul, or you’re actually searching for soul-boosters. It is no surprise that life can be harsh and throw you in a situation you feel like the world is swallowing you and you’ve lost all control. Regardless the reason or extent behind your need for a Boost of Your Soul, we could all need it at times. In this article, I share with you my personal thoughts about this subject.

Quick ways to Boost Your Soul

Feeling (a bit) better about yourself can be easy, if you’re looking for a quick boost. Playing or singing your favorite song, exercise for an hour, joining a yoga-class, eating a healthy meal or a big bowl full of ice-cream, drinking a glass of wine, reading a book, write a poem, walk with the dogs, swim in an ocean…so many different ways to lift your spirit.
That’s why I read (and publish) Inspiring Quotes, write poetry, play with our dog, grow my own vegetables, sing, etc. … all to feel better instantly: to Boost My Soul. Regardless if you are just having a bad day or feel terrible for a longer time, those quick ways could be helpful.

Boost Your Soul long-lasting

Wouldn’t it be fantastic, if all of us could do these kinds of activities all day long? Sleep whenever we feel like it, eat your favorite meals, read or listen to music all day long, no responsibilities… Live like you are on holiday all the time. Sounds great?


Do you realize you could do all that? Like it or not, there is going to be a BUT. Yes, this page is about ways to Boost Your Soul, BUT I need you to get real. To be honest to, and with, yourself and to start embracing the positives AND the limitations. In life, of yourself.

First, I need you to get realistic about who you are as a specie: We are human beings. Therefore, we are perfect in our own way; we have flaws, we have limitations. That is OK ! Own your limitations, deal with them, accept them. When possible, turn them around into positives.

Pursue your dreams, but make sure your dreams are realistic. For instance, wanting to be a Math-professor but even with extra schooling, you just can’t grasp those mathematics formula’s, you need to adjust or change your dream. Or another example, you made the choice to marry the love of your life, together you decided to bring children into your life and thus you chose to take on all different kind of responsibilities. This means you can’t lay around in your bed all day long forever.

Like so many others, I too have had those days in the past waking up in the morning and thought: ‘Why the h.ll would I even get up?’ I love my husband and our dog and would go through fire for them and thus, I got up anyway and took care of them. Meanwhile feeling like sh.t and not happy at all. However, the connection with my Beautiful Souls always pulled me through another day; that’s why I tell you here at my website to reach out to Beautiful Souls, to connect. I wrote it in my article about depression, if you are really in a bad place; you have nothing left to lose…


Yep, another but: no one else can bring you happiness, can make you happy long-lasting.

You can read all the positive quotes in the world, eat ice-cream all day, numb yourself with alcohol, retreat to an uninhabited island… Most people will stay unhappy, because all those quick boosters are just that. Not long-lasting, no realistic ways to feel joy and satisfaction as much as possible. People can tell you, you’re a Beautiful Soul all the time, but it isn’t just a random quote: you really have to believe that yourself, choose to be and the feeling you are will follow.

So, no matter the reason you start reading this and hopefully made it until here:

Embrace who you are: positives and limitations.

You do have your life under control…marvelous. Take a moment to enjoy that! Be honest, how often do you that? ?
You are going through a difficult phase, maybe you even can’t remember the last time you felt truly happy? I am so sad for you, because we all deserve to feel, to be happy.

Regardless the situation you’re at; every single one of us is a Beautiful Soul and we all matter. Now start believing that and


Do you Connect to Life, Others, Yourself?

What’s right for me may not be right for you!

You are and will remain responsible for your own health, your own well-being, your own environment.

When in doubt about your physical and / or mental health, about your life, about specific food choices… A doctor, specialist, dietitian, nutritionist, therapist, or other caregiver may remove your doubts.

Inspire each other ...

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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