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Don’t fight the wealthy, fight the greedy.

Slowly picking up where I left it at, here at my virtual home… re-posting an piece of last year, still relevant today. To my regular connections: until soon! To my new(est) readers: welcome!


More than a decade, my husband and I have worked hard to get where we are now. We thrive in an environment and by lifestyle of our choice. Although we are not rich money-wise, we absolutely do not have to complain about our finances. Knowing how it is and feels to have less (for instance, as a child, I was allowed to choose just one flavor of soda and one bag of chips for the weekend), I learned the value of money.

In addition, growing up in a merged family due to various circumstances,  I learned the importance of sharing and being satisfied with the opportunities at hand. The years following, when I started to pursue my own choice of lifestyle, the lessons from my fathers about being responsible money-wise, saved me a few times and prevented me from ending up on the streets.

Work hard to fulfill my, and thus more than a decade, our dreams, became second nature to me.

During these last years, I also learned the importance of having joy at what you do. Whether it is being in a relationship, exercising, socializing, studying or a job. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy what you do. Beside this, I also learned, there is nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself, with striving to better yourself. In general, health-wise, money-wise.

The limiting beliefs, grrrr.

When neighbors in our big world still tell their children “money is the root of all evil”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, or the opposite “no pain, no gain” and “you have to pay your dues”, it worries me. While the intentions behind those phrases are without a doubt good, they potentially also limit those children. Per example: Unintentionally, those kids could develop anxiety, feelings of being unworthy, or even depression. Sabotaging financial success as an adult to avoid ‘negative qualities’, one could believe he/she develops if having money.

Not all our neighbors with large bank-accounts are evil. To me, there is nothing wrong wanting to thrive in your personal world, create a better life for yourself, or even strive for wealth. Some of us go out for dinner every day of the week, some of us prefer a big farmhouse, some of us like to have a pool in their yard, some of us hire a housekeeper, hence, some of us like to have all of the above. That doesn’t automatically make a person evil or greedy.

Money equals responsibility.

To me, a greedy person is someone who doesn’t value the worth of money. Who gained a lot, either by working hard or the so-called born rich, but doesn’t know how to share. Forgot that having more money as average also adds responsibility. That, for instance, paying more taxes is not only fair, but the justified outcome.

Equality does not have to be equal money-wise. There even still do exist people, who don’t want the burden of having lots of coins. Again, those who do strive to gain more, are not all bad. However, I think, we all can agree ‘greed’ is not a fine quality.

Don’t fight the wealthy, fight the greedy.

Inspire each other...

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  1. I recently was in a position to contemplate having a large fortune. It didn’t happen, but I know that had it transpired, my plans were to share the windfall with many- in a systematic way. Throwing money around, willy-nilly, is as bad as being greedy.

    1. Willy-nilly…what a funny expression 🙂
      But seriously, yes, that’s another part of being responsibility with money.

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