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Social media part of modern society. Embrace it !

Social media has become a large part of modern society. I saw how the Internet became part of our big Dreampack, rapidly evolved to what it is today. Therefore, I do understand the concerns that people may have about social media. Like almost everything, we can choose how active we want to be in this virtual addition to our life.

Control what we can control:

Allowing ourselves to be too active on various social media platforms, to a point we can’t even have diner without checking every notification we receive, is of course not healthy.  Whether we use social media work related or as a hobby, there is a time and a place for everything.

Just like it is not healthy to work twenty-four-seven, sit or stand behind our laptops for over two hours straight, binch-eating while surfing, or forget about eating, sleeping and other necessary pursuits in life… it is not healthy to be online all the time.

Predators are everywhere in our society, unfortunately they do exist in our virtual Dreampack too. Just like we don’t share passwords with just anyone, have locks on our  valuable assets… we should use the security and privacy options each social platform provides.

Real connections:

The increasing warnings against connections via the internet and thus social media are valid to a certain degree. Bullying, blackmail, deception are not uncommon, however, shamefully, it is not exclusive to the virtual world. Just like we choose who we invite in our daily life, use our gut feelings who to trust and who we like… We don’t have to click with everyone. At the same time, let us not forget that behind every account one of our neighbors is connected to it.

Social media is a part of our modern society, where we should also treat each other with the respect each unique individual deserves.

We can approach the virtual world as a distracting factor, even distance ourselves from it, or we can embrace it. Just like we don’t visit all of our family, friends and other connections on a daily base, we can choose to not visit all our online connections every day. It is OK to disconnect your doorbell, it is OK to turn of the beebs from your mobile too… to just be for a while, relax and breathe 😉

It is here, it is not going anywhere, so I say: embrace it!

In my opinion, social media can be a way to learn from each other’s differences, a platform through which beautiful collaborations can be created. It can be a wonderful way to make real connections, even friendships for life.

Looking forward to connect!

XxX Patty

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6 Responses

  1. You are so right Patty! Although I do have some difficulty ‘embracing’ social media, I do have to agree that it has brought me also a lot of inspiration, new knowledge and new friends. So yes: if you are as careful digitally as you are in real life with connections, it can be enriching your life in stead of making it worse…

    1. It’s all about choices, dear Anuscka, don’t you think? Yes, Quality always above Quantity. The reason I value our connection 🙂
      Sending a big hug again! XxX

  2. I see social media as a necessary evil, especially as I am trying to use it to get customers for my coaching business. But apart from that and my blog, I’m not a very active social media-person. I like to reach out to people, but mostly on here. When I read a good story or something that tickles my brains, I know I’ve come across someone interesting. But posting selfies on the go or trying to get as many likes as possible… I just don’t have it in me, lol!

    1. Haha, not my style either. However, isn’t that the beauty of life (even in the virtual part), we can choose. For me, quality always above quantity. Rather have fewer followers and likes and real connections. Which is my point in this article; it is possible 😉
      Also with clients, but that is because my income doesn’t depend on it. However, even then…like you discovered yourself: Be you, who else can you be?!
      Enjoy your weekend, dear Samantha. XxX

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