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Introduction of Heart Circles of Butterfly11

Introduction of Heart Circles of Butterfly11. A group of eleven coaches, living and working worldwide, started a new initiative. Bringing the heart circles to you, online and onsite, and thus accessible for anyone in need of a listening ear. 

Heart Circles - what is it ?

“To explain this concept, the Native American tribal tradition of Talking Circles, or Healing Circles, dates back centuries as a way to solve problems and bring about healing, by providing a space in which barriers are removed, allowing for self-expression with complete freedom. The model of a Talking Circle has been tested in the clinical therapeutic environment with great success and multiple studies verify the long-term positive effects.
A circle has no beginning and no end, there are no positions of prominence or power and this in itself encourages members of the circle to speak freely with what comes from the heart. Our Butterfly 11 Heart Circle hosts do no more than hold space for the circle and each member by introducing, opening and closing each circle.” 

Purpose of Butterfly11

Our aim is to provide Heart Circles which will be offered online and off-line across the globe, every day of the week. We believe that in being in service in this way we can make a difference to the lives of many, that people start to heal the moment they feel seen, heard and valued.
As representatives from around the world, it is our intention to offer Heart Circles to vulnerable groups in our own communities as well as online. Although we are coaches there is no coaching within the circles, nor are we promoting our work, we simply just hold the space.
We seek to work with those that might be suffering such things that might prevent or impose barriers to true self-expression.
We know that the active listening and unconditional acceptance of these circles creates a safe space where people can feel truly heard and begin to heal. We know that connection is one of our primary needs, that we are in fact wired to connect and form attachments. We also know that it is a fundamental human need for people to feel that they are understood, whatever their circumstances. Heart Circles, we believe, serve to meet these needs so that those we serve can begin to feel more whole.

How can you join?

We hope that you get behind us and share our movement, join a circle and experience their power for yourself. We would love to hear from you, so please get in touch via messenger  or

My personal experience

Having had the pleasure of joining and co-hosting Heart Circles in the past, I can highly recommend this experience. The eleven coaches are compassionate people, hence the creation of this article and thus reference to their movement 😉 We all can use a non-judgmental listening ear every now and then. What I especially love about this movement; it’s proof that also online meaningful connections can be made. 

Visit the Facebook page and become a member of this wonderful new initiative. Every week you find a list of opportunities to join a Heart Circle. Available in various timezones and thus dates. Follow this link: Facebook – Butterfly11 for more information.

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