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The Greener Grass

Searching for meaning in life, trying to get to the greener grass on the other side, it seems to be part of human nature. Unfortunately, often at the expense of compassion for our own specie…


The pandemic is starting to get to me a bit these days. With a husband working home for over a year, it took time to find a new rhythm. Not being able to visit family and friend, check the rules before even going somewhere, it goes against my spontaneous nature and thus, like for many others, it affects me too.

Fortunately, like Nature, we humans are able to adapt to new life circumstances and the only thing stopping us from doing so is our consciousness. That part of us, that separates us from other animals, can be to our advantage. The development of our consciousness did lead, and still leads, to many, many wonderful discoveries, new techniques and insights.

Per example: Isn’t it fantastic how our scientifically schooled neighbours stepped up and were able to create vaccines so quickly in order to save us all from extinction?!

Unfortunately, our consciousness can also be a burden. The increasing violence, discrimination and these days, the conspiracy theories are also increasing rapidly. We rather believe one report, one person with a big mouth or let our fear to lose individual control overwhelm us. To a point, we forget we need each other to be able to survive, evolve and connect as a species.

While most living organisms just be, because they don’t (have to) think about why they do what they do, we humans make our life very difficult.

The Greener Grass

Something else I did and do observe, is an increase of the growing desire of wanting the be on the greener grass at the other side. Fast. Reflecting to Connect about my personal life regularly, shockingly, I discovered I’m not an exception.

Focusing on all I want to do, which right now is not wise, and all I still would like to achieve and learn, I started to forget to cherish the green grass I already live upon.

I need to remind myself more often: the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. In addition, reaching dreams requires taking responsibility for not only my personal life, but also for the big ball we all live upon. I am not the only one, who wants to survive, evolve and connect.

Yes, it is frustrating at times not to be able to do as pleased, as I was used to. But I am alive, have a roof above my head, access to good health care systems, to abundant enough healthy food and even to various luxurious trivialities.

Being critical, sceptical, curious are skills that helped us evolve, it still does, and we surely should not believe everything without thorough consideration if what is presented to us in life makes sense. Hence the reason I research, explore, question and make an effort to view matters from as many angles as possible. 

I do not base decisions on just one scientific report, I need more proof before I perceive something as a fact, a truth.

However, during uncertain times, I do rely on science and people who know more about subjects as I do. I still have faith and thus trust the majority of my neighbors, whom I believe have the best interest at heart for us all. In a democratic world, decisions always lead to frustration at individual levels. Balancing between the greater good and honouring individual freedom is not easy and certainly requires dancing in a big grey area.

Connect with Compassion

Surviving, evolving and connecting are human being’s most important goals in life. It’s my truth after years of research, studying and experiencing life. We are all connected, we need connection to survive, to evolve, to connect. Connection is not only about talking, walking and trying to reach the greener grasslands.

Connection is also about taking a pause, trusting Nature (and thus we too) will adapt, being mindful of what we already have. The green grass we already stand upon. Taking the wisdom of our ancestors into the present moment, being a responsible ancestor for the generations to come.

Connection, as also surviving and evolving, should be based upon love, not fear or any other emotion.

When I see the mass graves displayed on the news, hear stories of people losing their careers due to the long lasting physical side effects of the virus, or being terminal ill and not able to say goodbye to family, etc. I feel sadness.

I have become frustrated about the uncompassionate human beings who refuse to take the necessary steps to keep each other safe and healthy: they are robbing their neighbors, who are less fortunate, of the chance to thrive or die with dignity.

At the moment, I even truly have had it with all those conspiracies. Science is real. Truth can be found based on facts, not emotions.


Connection to Others is what makes me thrive and I still love to Connect with fellow humans on a global scale. At the same time, I am not here @ my virtual home a lot these days, because I need to pause more often, enjoying the green grass I already live upon.

My mission is inspiring YOU to Connect. To Life, to Others, to Yourself. Sometimes, however, disconnection can also be a good thing. Just make sure not to disconnect for too long ; -) In my case, past experiences taught me, it’s a temporary phase I’m going through. The love to Connect will always rise up again, it’s part of who I am.

Thus soon, I will post more often again. Upcoming Friday, an article for the category ‘Universal Human Rights’ will be published and next week Friday the monthly article from the Skilled Helpers Collaborative. Oh, and please feel free to Reflect to Connect with me, I will always make time to do so.

Stay safe, healthy and compassionate: Let’s keep on Connecting together!

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