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Spring break is over, let’s Connect again!

During my break, I made time to Reflect to Connect myself and fine tune some parts of my virtual home. Happy to update you on this and since my personal spring break is over; let’s Connect again!

Personal reflections

During my spring break I dived into topics as evolution, my personal purpose, dog training, gardening and other interesting stuff. Maintaining this virtual home of me, I realized I needed to update some parts. One of the updates I made, is my ‘About’ page. You can view it here: CLICK

Observing the events around our world, I felt frustrated at times again. Assumptions will lead to distrust in people and facts, therefore scientific based evidence plus keeping an objective, open-mind is more important than ever. Truth can never be found based upon emotions. Reading the work of Thomas Nagel, being objective is not that simple.

Reflect to Connect

Life can be harsh and living the lifestyle suitable to one’s uniqueness can be quite challenging. That is why I keep on researching, studying and reflecting. To be able to Connect to Life, to Others, to Myself.

We all struggle at times, hence the creation of my ‘Reflect to Connect’ page. ‘Reflect to Connect’ is all about providing you the opportunity to connect with another human being who genuinely cares. Who understands we all could use a listening ear at times. An objective sounding board to help you view matters from different perspectives. Find more info here: CLICK

My personal Spring break is over; let’s Connect again!

As always, feel free to explore my virtual home, to leave a comment and/or to subscribe to stay updated of new posts.

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5 Responses

  1. I like your About Page, Patty. I felt that when I read it, I could see the real you. The Reflect to Connect page is thought provoking and a challenging one for someone like me. I think it’s great. I know I need to be quite brave to do something like this and stop making excuses 😊

    1. Thank you, Sean! Highly appreciate your support. I watched the other day an interesting lecture and within the question: “what kind of ancestor do you want to become?” It literally shook me, because if that is not motivation enough to step up, individually and globally, what is?
      Sending a big hug, XxX

  2. I took a rather lengthy hiatus from my blog as well Patty. I think its good to honor our natural rhythms and where our heart leads us, and I think many of us have been need of refreshing and refilling our wells. I’m glad to see you’re back. You’re such a bright light.

Let's Connect !

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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