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Why do you celebrate Xmas ?

The holidays around the corner, many people around our world are preparing for various festivities. Based upon religion or other tradition and I asked myself again; Why do you celebrate Xmas?

A bit history and traditions

Researching and thus surfing around our virtual world, I dived once again into the history. I already knew that Christmas, originally had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. The Christmas tree stems from the decorations of the Romans and Germans and Santa Claus was a figure, based upon Saint Nicholas or maybe even older; upon Odin.

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However, regardless the historical reason or which religion you believe in; gifts and gathering together for a big festive meal has always been a tradition.

Lights and new beginnings

Another custom that seems to be recurring in all the stories, myths and religious based information is the use of lights. Back then, of course, by candles and nowadays all sorts of electrical lights. The reason varies: either to celebrate the birth of Jesus, or to celebrate Winter Solstice (the days will lengthen again daylight-wise).

While we are used to celebrate the New Year and thus a new beginnings at Silvester, it is originally both Winter Solstice and Christmas was about. 

Picture Marcel Riedr Publiek Domein wikii
A young woman decorating a tree - Marcel Riedr, 1898 (Publiek Domein - wiki)

Why do you celebrate Xmas?

Since I am not religious, neither is my husband, we don’t celebrate Christmas for religious reasons. As woman of the Sun, as I like to label myself, I prefer to celebrate the fact that daylight will lengthen again and Spring is on its way. I do decorate with lights and candles and accessories which are probably not that traditional. The last years, I’ve been paying more attention to Winter Solstice: this year December 21, 16.58 hours.

In addition, I love to search for presents and give them away. Even more as receiving them. Last, but definitely not least, the holidays are a great opportunity to Connect. Off -or Online.

Do you know, why you celebrate Xmas?
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ps: For many years we no longer have a real tree, because of our dogs. A bit too dangerous. However, it might also not a good idea thinking of our Climate troubles ; -)

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8 Responses

  1. Linda and I come from families that have always been big on celebrating Christmas. I like Christmas, but not all the fuss. We have a number of plastic Christmas trees and this year we have put up the medium sized one. It is now sitting on a small round table to keep it off the ground as a certain male cat in our household decided to have a chew on the bottom branches the other day 😂

    1. Haha, totally recognizable. We had cats in the past…one of the chew on the rose, my husband bought for me on our wedding day. The poor man was so stressed, haha So yes, Christmas trees and cats, interesting match too 🙂

  2. I celebrate Christmas because I have to. Secretly, I hate it! I’d much rather close off from the world for a few days, read up on my books, take walks and just chill, but my family won’t let me.
    I’ve never been a fan of the holiday, because I cannot understand why it’s all about love and peace on Earth, yet at the same time visiting any store during the holiday season equals frustrations, envy and downright rudeness. No peace whatsoever there.

    1. Have to? No person in the world that can make me do anything (except the law).
      What is the worst thing that can happen, if you decide not to participate? Or go about these kind of celebrations differently?
      I think honesty, transparency and a good conversation about one and another’s expectation would bring the peace we all are looking for 😉

      1. It’s different when I have my own place, I think. There are things I cannot decide for myself right now, but otherwise I’d ignore the existence of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong: it has good sides, too. I’m just not a fan of a packed house and too much food and fake cheer. Oh, now I suddenly miss the rock I hide under when it’s carnaval 🙁

        1. Isn’t there a rule this year not to have more as four visitors at once, per day?
          What you put in your mouth, is your choice, right? Lead by example and if you get any critic; explain calmly why you do as you do. Most likely, the critic is more about the awareness of the other person, than it is about you 😉

          1. You actually put me to thinking and I wrote a blog post about it (scheduled for next week Friday). Turns out I hate Christmas, yes, but I love being around my nephew and nieces, and seeing my mom put in tons of effort for us – and being able to repay that.
            And with all people visiting, we have the 4 adults. All kids are under 12.

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